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World's Most Gay-Friendly Destinations Resorts And Clubs

June is the month of colors as it is proudly known as the pride month for the LGBT Community. Stonewall Inn is now quite a famous name when it comes to the pride month. Wondering why is it a big deal? Well, it is a great deal because it was one essential step forward towards getting equality practiced in the right manner. It is an official acknowledgment by the government that the LBGT community will be accepted and the affirmation for their community will be real soon. Apart from the facts, to make it even more interesting just keep on reading the blog.

Dig in to know some hottest and exciting gay-friendly destinations to explore, resorts to spend a weekend and clubs to party hard those are LGBT friendly and will let you have a great time.

LGBT Destination

Palm Springs

Gay-Friendly Destinations
Picture Courtesy: Curbed

Palm Springs, a city in California is a place famous for The Gay and Lesbian Film Festival that takes place in September. This destination has many exciting gay bars and clubs offering the best experience and great crowd.

Fort Lauderdale

Gay-Friendly Destinations
Picture Courtesy: Curbed Miami

Fort Lauderdale is one destination that receives the maximum LGBT crowd. This gay-friendly destination is a complete package as it is full of gay venues, nightclubs, and also many gay cruises. The city also holds two pride festivals Wilton Manors Stonewall Festival that is held in June and Pride Fort Lauderdale Festival that happens in October.

New Orleans

Gay-Friendly Destinations
Picture Courtesy: National Geographic

New Orleans is one oldest city and has a great gay heritage known for ages. This destination is quite famous and preferred by the LGBT community as it celebrates many exciting events throughout. To name a few are Southern Decadence, LGBT Halloween, LGBT Mardi Gras and many more.

LGBT Resorts

Key West Gay Resorts

Gay-Friendly resorts

Key West is one gay-friendly resort that is considered to be the best so far. During the pride month, it receives thousands of people coming all over the world. With many fun activities to do, it is one perfect resort where you get to find a plethora of gay-centric activities.

Fire Island Gay Hotels

Picture Courtesy: Newsday

Fire Island is situated off the coast in New York. Being home to two famous gay resorts in town, it is a place that is simply the best. Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove are two resorts that are gay-friendly and offers a relaxing time. Precisely, it is also considered to more of a 'hippie' resorts because of the tremendous crazy activities.

Casa Velas Luxury Boutique

Picture Courtesy:Booking.com

Since Puerto Vallarta is specifically known as the Mexican LGBT haven, it gets a huge LGBT community throughout. Casa Velas is an extremely a whole new level. With lavish accommodation, huge tropical gardens, a grand golf course and much more, it is the best place to have a great time.

LGBT Clubs


Gay-Friendly clubs
Picture Courtesy:idk tonight

Cubbyhole is one of the best nightclubs in New York for that is LBGT friendly. One thing making it a must visit is that it offers a margarita for $2 on Tuesdays. How can someone not turn down for a $2 margarita and that too on a Tuesday? With a unique fishy interior, it is a great place to hang out and have some good time.

Gossip Grill

Picture Courtesy:gossipgrill.com

Gossip Grill is considered to be the hottest club in San Diego till date and there are many reasons for it. This bar has been serving since 2009. Famous for delectable lobster rolls and spiced up nights, it is worth the visit.

The Chapel

Picture Courtesy: Guitar Player

The chapel is one of the known names in town when it is all about the nightclubs that are LBGT friendly. It is a brand new sister bar of the very known, ? The Abbey? one of the most famous gay club over the world. Now you know where to head and what all surprises are on your way. With mouth-watering food and exotic drinks, it is surely a club that will never disappoint you.

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