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We Bet You Didn't Know These 7 Fun Facts About Dubai

Sky touching buildings, coral beaches, sandy deserts spread across as the sight can reach, no wonder why Dubai is considered to be the dream destination. As soon as you reach the place, there's only one word 'wow'. A lavish and so divine destination that will make sure you have a great time here. If you have already been to Dubai or planning soon to pay a visit to Dubai city, we have something to surprise you with. For all the travel freaks out there, here's a chance to know somethings that we bet you didn't know about Dubai. Sounds exciting?

Well, just dig in and check out these 7 fun facts about Dubai that you surely have no idea about.

1. The Dubai Police force spends more on their supercars than the average cost of a child's college fees in the USA

7 Fun Facts About Dubai
Pictures courtesy: HotCars

Yes, you read it right. To show off the class of the city and impress the tourists, the Police force of Dubai gives prior attention to their supercars. When we say supercars, it includes Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin, Ferrari FF, and the list goes on. So now if we compare, they spend more than it costs to send a child to college in the USA.

2. Dubai now lets the Robots race the camels

7 Fun Facts About Dubai
Picture Courtesy: Condé Nast Traveller Middle East

Camel racing in Dubai has been one famous and thrilling activity. Since children participated in camel racing, many issues were raised that involved child labor practices and having children illegally trafficked into such things. A solution to the issue was pretty much obvious from Dubai. And now surprisingly, the city is all set to replace the mini child-sized robots instead of children who are racing the camels.

3. Tax-Free Dubai

Picture Courtesy: The National

If you are planning to relocate to Dubai, this would definitely help you. Dubai is a place where when you get to earn more, you have no income tax to pay. Being a tax-free destination, it receives many people who wish to save more money and settle here solely for this major reason.

4. Dubai is Massive in Every Aspect

7 Fun Facts About Dubai
Picture Courtesy: Culture Trip

You talk about the tallest building, the largest shopping mall, tons of gold, city of 400 skyscrapers, luxurious hotel, longest automated metro, largest flower garden and so on. Is there anything not so large in Dubai? We don't think so!

5. No address system or zip codes

No address system or zip codes?
Picture Courtesy: YouTube

Since Dubai just developed at such a vast speed, it didn't pay attention to the address system. So now there is no address or any zip code. Wondering how would people actually lookout for a home? People there use a map and instructions like, 'My house is second from the mosque'.

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6. Use ATM's for Gold

Use ATM's for Gold
Picture Courtesy: YouTube

You have always used ATM's for cash but ever thought how amazing it would be hen you get a real gold bar out of it? We are not kidding! There are many ATM's that dispense gold bars and it is just a casual thing for the local people there. Is it a casualty for you?

7. Air Conditioned Bus stops

Air Conditioned Bus stops
Picture Courtesy: Air Conditioned Bus stops

This won't surprise you much because now you know how rich Dubai is when it comes to impressing the tourists. But you need to know that it is not just the hotels or places that are air-conditioned rather the bus stops in Dubai are also fully air-conditioned. So now even if you miss a bus, you would have no problem waiting for another one. All you need to do is simply relax at the chilling stop.

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What did you think of our fun facts about Dubai? Let us know by leaving us a comment, below!

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