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Visit Spain Beyond Barcelona and Madrid

Barcelona and Madrid have been two most visited destinations receiving the maximum crowd. The lavish Mediterranean beaches in Barcelona and an invigorating nightlife in Madrid are enough to draw the attention of the tourists and to attract them straight away. Surprisingly, what the world doesn't know is that there is so much more to explore and witness in Spain beyond Barcelona and Madrid. Wondering what it all is there that can be a match to the level of adventure and excitement? Well, hang up here and read on to

Discover our top picks and know about these 7 must-visit places in Spain that will make you forget Barcelona and Madrid next time you plan a trip.

1. Sevilla

Visit Spain
Picture courtesy: blog.aifsaboard.com

Sevilla is a typically Andalusian city and the third-largest city in Spain. Sevilla is popularly known and much famous for its classic flamenco dance. Watch the professionals dance for you and get to know their tradition. Meanwhile,  get on the riverboat and takes a tour to come across more information about the architecture, Roman metropolis, the rich history of the place and much more. Few more attractions that will complete your trip are the Alcazar palace and the Sevilla Cathedral. Also, it is one of Spain's tapas city. Cheap Flight Tickets Add Bodeguita Romero and Taberna Coloniales to look after your taste buds.

2. Oviedo

Visit Spain
Picture courtesy: bluehotels.es

Oviedo is one such destination that gives you the potential to witness mesmerizing scenic views. It mystic province is all surrounded by greenery so refreshing and attracts the tourists with its alpine mountains. A place where the climbers just cannot get enough of it and the tourists fall in love with the scenic coastline along the Cantabrian Sea. Head up straight to witness an alluring sunset from Santa Maria del Naranco, and thank us later after what you get to see up and Cheap Flight Tickets there. 

3. Valencia

Visit Spain
Picture courtesy: lonelyplanet.com

Valencia is the most lively destination in Spain and is considered to be a perfect one for a family vacation. Being home to the Mediterranean Sea, this vibrant city is also home to the culture and art of Spain. With quite famous buildings like Oceanarium, Planetarium and few museums, it gets comparatively more crowd than the rest. This vibrant city also has its own International airport that flies to many European Destinations.

4. Granada  

Visit Spain
Picture courtesy: somtoseeks.com

Granada is a place that will give you a true Spanish feel. If you are looking for a subtle yet pleasant experience, Granada is the perf place for you. Surrounded with the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountains, get a chance to have a sedate yet authentic side of Spanish culture and
Best places in Spain and Cheap Flight Tickets. Granada is also famous for nightlife and The Booga Club is the place to be with your dancing shoes on. 

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5. Toledo

Visit Toledo
Picture courtesy: worldtravelguide.net

Even being a small city, Toledo is a must-visit destination when in Spain that is way too beyond Barcelona and Madrid. This small town with so much of historic monuments and architecture is so beautifully maintained and is located high on a hill. Statues for Arab, Jewish, and Christians are worth a visit that gives you a chance to know about the rich history of these cultures. This walled city has so much to offer and will let you explore as much as you want every time you Best places in Spain .

6. Malaga

Visit Malaga
Picture courtesy: Travelchannel.com

Malaga on the Costa del Sol is a mini paradise that attracts many European tourists. Home to lavish resorts, shimmery & sandy beaches, crazy nightlife parties and so much to shop around, Malaga is one perfect destination setting up the level to Best places in Spain like Barcelona and Madrid. With incredible things to do and great hospitality, this destination also has its own International airport serving flights to the European cities.

7. Salamanca

Visit Salamanca
Picture courtesy: worldstrides.com

Salamanca is one place where you get to see the rich Roman sites, incredible architectural buildings and come across some amazing facts about historic times. The old city of Salamanca was granted Unesco World Heritage Site status in 1988 that made Best places in Spain even more special. You can plan your day with few attractions keeping in mind as a tour with a local or tour with a guide for monuments, Casa de las Conchas and the Plaza Mayor. Make sure you do not miss to pay a Best place to visit in Spain and Cheap Flight Tickets to the New Cathedral of Salamanca. 

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