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This Wine Festival Only Happens Once Every 20 Years

Switzerland is a destination widely known for its unique and prestigious culture, heritage and beauty. It is one such place that should always be there on your bucket-list that is to be explored once in a lifetime. People say Switzerland is a paradise on earth and the people who have experienced it, truly justifies the statements as well. Apart from the beauty of the place, one extreme thing for attracting huge tourism is the very famous its wine festival - The Winegrowers' Festival. This grand festival happens once in a generation and many people over the globe have planned to travel to Switzerland just to experience this grand festival.

If you are planning for a vacation, you know where to head this year. Experience an incredible festival that happens possibly after ages and feel lucky enough because it is something that should not be missed if you have a chance.

The Winegrowers' Festival Only Happens once every 20 Years
Picture Courtesy: Tauck

Dig into the blog to know more about Winegrowers Festival now.

Wine Festival in switzerland 2019
Picture Courtesy: Forbes

Held once in every generation since 1797, the Winegrowers Festival celebrates the tradition of the region. This festival is solely organized by the brotherhood of the Winegrowers. The festival starts from 18th July to 11th August, completely changing the whole Vevey into an open-air celebration ground. It is widely celebrated to pay homage to the memory of the Winegrowers of the UNESCO listed Lavaux vineyards and the Chablais region of the canton of Vaud. The whole Vevey would be decorated with beautiful colors and fun-filled activities. Starting from the performances featuring contemporary and traditional music to delectable food and wine tasting stalls serving their specialties from the region. An area stretching from the Jardi Doret to Entre-Deux-Villes will be all set with free cultural activities, conviviality, gourmet delights and so much more served from day till nights. The arena for the Vevey Winegrowers Festival 2019 is considered to be the largest and massively constructed in a town center that has the potential to hold 20,000 seats with 5 lavish stages.

wine festival in switzerland 2019
Picture Courtesy: thelocal.ch

Winegrowers aren't special for its size or attracting millions of tourists rather it is recognized and famous for its rarity. Happening once every 20 years is something that makes this festival a remarkable one. Even if you are not a wine lover, this festival will convince you and let you fall in love not only with the destination but also with wine. It is undoubtedly an opportunity for all those who get to experience this once-in-a-generation festival. This festival will feature extravagant things like tastings, live music, street dance, street music, artists, DJ's, parades, costume parties, wine education, wine tasting cellar tours, restaurants serving delectable dishes, fun and free activities and the list will go on.

Picture Courtesy: Swiss Tourist - WordPress.com

Apart from such exciting things to do, the climax of the Winegrowers Festival will be the crowning of the winegrowers, after all, the festival is celebrated to honor the hard work of the winemakers. So if you wish to be one lucky person out of those 4,00,000 visitors that would be coming and making the festival a big hit, just get the tickets booked and be all set to experience something really big and once-in-a-lifetime festival that will let to explore the unexplored.

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