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Popular Microbreak Destinations

Wondering what microbreak destinations exactly are and why is it called so? Well, just to raise up your excitement and help you out to plan a better vacation, this blog would surely be worth the knowledge and read. Microbreak destinations are nothing but 1-2 days short vacation or a weekend getaway. Such vacations are in trend because it is pocket savvy and one great alternative to a well planned extended vacation. Americans are going crazy about these microbreak destinations and giving us major goals for a perfect getaway.

Top 7 Microbreak destinations for a super fun short vacation are listed below. Get the bags packed, tickets booked and brace yourself for crazy fun-filled micro-vacation.

1. San Francisco

San Francisco is a destination that has a bit of everything for everyone. From unique culture to the great adventure, everything is completely sorted and different in their own unique way in Francisco. It's Golden Gate welcomes all making the city perfect for a micro-break vacation.


2. Los Angeles

A place known for a big famed Hollywood industry is also a place popular for a microbreak vacation. From the entertainment city to the leading fashion industry LA is ahead over everything. Being solely a complete package destination, Los Angeles will never disappoint you.


3. New York

From sky touching buildings to the art museums and many popular attractions, New York is considered to be one of the best places to be a perfect microbreak destination. It receives many tourists who prefer weekend getaways to witness the positive vibes and memorable times this city offers.


4. Atlanta

A place filled with huge cultural affinities, long highways, alluring sightseeing attractions for the tourists is just the right choice to be a microbreak destination. Atlanta is the largest city has much to offer and is undoubtedly the best place to have a great time with your family or friends if you are planning for a short vacation.

Destinations to visit on Micro Break

5. Orlando

Being famous for the Disney World and Universal, Orlando is now the new trending microbreak destination. Millions of people who are looking for adventure and a short exciting trip prefer a trip to Orlando. It is more like a family microbreak destination now.


6. Austin

Austin to now considered to be one microbreak destination by the tourists is because of its thrilling sports. Its parks and lakes are renowned for biking, hiking, swimming, and boating. Also, known for its eclectic live music, this place is full of good vibes.


7. Chicago

Chicago has always been one busy city throughout. A place where things like roller skates, zippers, Skyscanner and many more adventures were invented, would surely be a place worth visiting. No wonder why this place is preferred for a microbreak destination.


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