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Make the Most Of Your World Cup Vacation

All the cricket fans out there who are traveling all the way to England for one crazy and hot going World Cup, keep up the spirit and may your team win. But if you are a cricket fan and a traveler as well, this vacation can turn out to be really fun and adventurous. Once you are done with the match, there are many things yet to explore and experience in this country.

Here is a list of few amazing and must-visit places when in England. Dig in to know more what all to explore after the crazy World Cup!

1. London: Chinatown

At the East End of London, during the twentieth century, numerous Chinese settlers rushed to London and started making organizations as an approach to oblige the crowds of Chinese mariners who frequented the docklands zone. All things considered, because of the World War II Blitz, a huge inflow of foreigners from Hong Kong, and growth of popularity of Chinese cooking, many Chinese restaurants were opened. Today, the best Chinese foods can be discovered simply off Shaftesbury Avenue.


2. Liverpool: Maritime Mercantile City

Guests to Liverpool's Maritime Mercantile City can wander all through the Docklands and explore the historic centers too. In light of the ongoing drive for modernization, nonetheless, the territory has been presented with the award of endangered World Heritage Site, is one of just two such locales inside all of Europe. Oceanic Mercantile City is likewise the home to critical urban, business, and open structures, for example, St. George's Plateau. It is a place to have the best time of your vacation and get to know much more about the city.

Maritime Mercantile City
Picture Courtesy: Wikiwand

3. Northern England: Hadrian?s Wall

Hadrian's Wall was previously a guarded stronghold that was built by the Romans from AD 122 under Emperor Hadrian. If you are a person who enjoys wandering around the ancient buildings and love to explore different cultures and historic things, Northen England is just the place for you. Hadrian's wall is one place that showcases the real beauty on the earth. Its view is so mesmerizing that it will itself convince you to come to pay a visit again and again.


4. Durham: Durham Castle

Situated at the core of the Durham ? Chapel Hill Metropolitan Area, Durham is one of the most populous cities in North Carolina. Long winding walkable paths, bike-ride suitable roads, museums exhibiting vibrant artworks, theatres showing live performing arts, restaurants offering mouth smacking food, perfect music venues and bars setting the evening mood ? all contributed in making the city luxurious irrespective of its geographical position or small size.

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5. London: The British Museum

It is a 15-20 minutes car ride to reach the British Museum from Buckingham Palace. It is located in the Bloomsbury area. No admission fee is required. It stays open up to 5:30 P. M. from 10 o?clock in the morning. Being the first National Museum in the world open for public, it records the story of the evaluation of human culture right from the beginning up till the present day. Securing over eight million works, it is the largest museum ever existed. The museum has expanded and many new branches were opened due to the expansion of British Colonies. Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sport sponsored the museum but it is a non? departmental public body.


6. Buckingham Palace

The Queen?s palace, located in the city of Westminster, is one of the many attractions of London. There are 775 rooms in the palace. For the months of August and September and for some days during winter and spring, the staterooms, the Queen?s Gallery and the Royal Mews are kept open for visitors. These rooms are now used for stage entertainment. However, you must book your tickets early as there are very high demands due to the short time. The charming gardeners inside the palace have ranked as the largest garden for private use. The waving flag at the top of the building is an indication that the Queen is at the palace. 

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