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Lesser Known Destinations of Europe

Situated in the north-eastern hemisphere of the globe, Europe is the westernmost part of Eurasia. With a total of around 47 countries in it, the population of Europe is around 742.5 million. One of the 7 major continents of the world, it becomes a very popular tourist destination during the summer months. Few among the highly populated cities in Europe are London, Paris, Moscow, and Istanbul.  The deep rich history and diversified culture are of the two breath-taking deals of Europe visit. The European continent is there or gives you something special each and every time you visit. Throughout summer, the climate of Europe is quite comfortable except for the few winter months therefore during the summertime the major cities of Europe expect a large number of tourists in the main locations like Italy, France, and Greece. So if you want a complete escape from the nasty chaos of the metropolitan cities you need to find the few yet undiscovered and unexplored side of Europe.

Picture Courtesy: Intrepid Travel

Dig into the blog and check out a few of the lesser known destinations of Europe to add on to your checklist right away!

1. Setenil de las Bodegas: Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia is one of the most amazing places located in Spain. The place is completely filled with hidden treasures and amazing surrounding and it is a perfect suit for those who love little adventures. Andalusia, with its Maritime Provinces extremely colorful and booming with good energy influences the tourists to pay a visit again. There is a lot of fish culture and seafood-related activities present. The place is also giving you skiing experience on the snow-capped mountains present there. Not only that there are wetlands present with a wide range of flora and fauna.

Picture Courtesy: TourScanner

2. Malcesine: Verona, Italy

Located in the eastern shore of Grada Lake, Malcesine is a very small town present in the northern part of Italy. It is completely a picturesque tourist spot with small webbed lanes and bi-lanes and a huge castle squeezed in between the blue lake and a huge range of mountain behind. During the summer times, the place has a very charming temperature and weather, with small groups of holidaymakers moving around the town, enjoying the sun and having ice creams. The largest lake in all of Italy is Lake Grada. The interesting things to do around the place take strolls down the lanes and catch boats to move around in the water, admire the architecture and culture world while eating ice cream and buy souvenirs for gifts. Important places to remember are Castello Salligero, Palazzo dei Capitani, and many more.

Picture Courtesy: Discover Italy - Alitalia

3. Cochem: Rhineland: Palatine, Germany

Cochem is located in Moselle's German side. If you are a traveler looking for authenticity then this is just the right place for you to be. This is a small pretty town situated right beside the Moselle River. With the colored terraces of its small houses, cozy restaurants, and calm river water this place offers peace away from the chaos of the city life. In one word the town can be described as romantic. It is popular for producing extremely flavourful wines that are fresh from the wide stretches of the vineyard. The entire region reflects the Roman history and there are amazing small towns along the banks of the river. The most popular times of visit our spring and autumn. Few of the popular hotels are Burg-Hotel Cochem, Haus Ostermann, and Hotel Weinstube Klasen, etc. While you are already there, you can go for Imperial Castle that also offers a ?knights meal" once.

Picture Courtesy: The Crazy Tourist

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4. Lauterbrunnen: Alps

Between the giant rocks and peaks of the mountain, Lauterbrunnen lies in Trough Valley in the Alps. It has around 72 amazing waterfalls, isolated valleys, colorful and peaceful meadows, majestic mountains and inns making it one of the largest nature conservatory areas present in Switzerland. Along with the mesmerizing waterfalls another naturally mesmerizing waterfall is the Trümmelbach Falls that has around 20,000 liters of water flowing. This place has been an initial point of some of the best and most exciting excursions out there. Opposite of the valley of Lauterbrunnen is the resorts and further up are the narrow mountain trails and small villages. After an amazing stroll throughout the whole place and taking in some good old mountain air you can treat yourself with a nice Swiss meal at any of the classic cafes while admiring the sunny mountains.

Picture Courtesy:Investors in Property

5. Odeceixe: Algarve, Portugal

In the northern part of Aljezur, a small village called Odeceixe is situated in between the Nature Park and Vincentine Coast. The population is estimated to be around 961. This otherwise sleepy village attracts loads and loads of surfers during the summertime from all around the globe and let them explore more. The view of the surrounding is amazing. The beach is around 4 kilometers away from the village and it is a lovely walk through the low green cliffs. The climate remains coastal with a mild breeze. The whole place is centered on the main street Largo 1 De Maio, where you can find nice and small cafes, restaurants and cozy bars. A few small shops, post offices, and banks are also present there. Being off of the best-sheltered beaches Paria De Odeceixe gives safer opportunities for surfing and swimming. 

Picture Courtesy: Portugal Travel Guide

6. Agios Nikolas

It is the beautiful port of Mirabello Bay. With its turquoise blue water and amazing flora and fauna, the place is destined to take your breath away on the very first site. The classic styled wooden bars and restaurants are sure to set the mood for chilled classy evenings. A stroll around the beach and some shopping with definitely help you unwind in natures? lap.

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