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Haunted Attractions Around The World

Whether you believe or not, many times you must have read about the paranormal activities around you. Be it in a dark room, an isolated area or a famous haunted place, it made you think twice before entering it. There are many haunted attractions in America also where you decide the entering time and they decide your exit time.For all the brave and fearless people.

check out these 5 most haunted attractions in America that would surely give you goosebumps. If you visit with your group, lucky you but if you visit alone, there are many to accompany you inside.

1. West Virginia State Penitentiary

Haunted Places To Visit
Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Prisons are always considered to be one place that is synonymous to ?torture?. Similarly, the West Virginia State Penitentiary is also a gothic style prison in Moundsville, West Virginia. The prison was closed in 1995 but it is said the tortured souls are still there. Some were killed by the other prisoners, some were hanged and killed on an electric chair and the rest were tortured badly. It is a tourist attraction now but nobody dares to enter it so easily.

2. Cuban Club

Cuban Club
Picture Courtesy: DeLotto

Cuban Club in Tampa?s Vbor city is also known as Circulo Cubana de Tampa. It?s interesting how a famous place where people used to hang out for hours, come to enjoy ballroom dance and outdoor bandshell is not where they are afraid to enter. Years back it was a place full of dancers and teens enjoying and now it is a place known for ghost stories about spirits playing piano and riding the elevators.

Do you wish to enjoy a ballroom with the new people inside?

3. Fort Mifflin

Haunted Places To Visit
Picture Courtesy: YouTube

Having a great history of the battlefield is now famous for the mystery too. There are over 12 restored buildings on the ground with plenty of the scary spirits around. This place is the country?s only revolutionary war battlefield that is still here. But the history is getting faded and spooky mystery is taking over the talks.

Pay a visit and then get to decide is Fort Mifflin haunted or haunted?

4. Moon River Brewery

Moon River Brewery
Picture Courtesy: Here for the Beer

Being one of the oldest building in the town since 1821 it was a City Hotel before. The history of this building is something that the people are scared of. With a story of violence during the Civil War, it was heard that many men were killed in this hotel itself brutally. There was a Yankee too who was tortured and beaten to death by the locals.

So just get all your beer buds ready get served by the ghosts and see the beers and glasses flying upside down.

5. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

Haunted Places To Visit
Picture Courtesy: WhereTraveler

Augustine Lighthouse receives many visitors and is a populous place but interestingly these visitors cannot be seen but only felt. Since many tragic things have taken place before at the historic time, it has made this place a famous haunted lighthouse.

From the death of the lighthouse keeper to the horrifying death of 3 girls there are many stories to make the place even scarier. If you plan to visit, don?t forget to greet the guard and the girls waiting to meet you.

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