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A Family Vacation That Is Way Better Than Disney

A family vacation that is way better than Disney
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If you’ve already been to Disney before with family or ever planned a vacation, you know how overrated and not so pocket-friendly it can come out to be. Even after searching for tips to save the money, a family of 4 anyhow would spend around $800 per person for a night stay. How can one enjoy when all you have to worry is how to save more, where to spend less and ongoing stress. To make your family vacation special just as a vacation to Disney, we have a list of few amazing family vacation destinations that are way better than Disney and we are sure you will agree on the same best places to visit with family.

Dig in to find out the top 6 family vacation destinations and plan yours soon.

1. New Orleans

Family Vacation at New Orleans
Picture credits: lonelyplanet

Being one popular city, New Orleans is one desirable and apt place for a family trip. Things making New Orleans so special and different from others are its astonishing surroundings, delectable food, incredible culture, festival after festivals and so on. The charm of this city is also a perfect place for your kids to have a great time.

2. Warner Bros Studio

Picture credits: wbstudiotours.com

If you have a Harry Potter fan in your family, Waner Bros Studio in London is the perfect place for them that can make them go crazy. The place where all the 8 films were shot and are all covered and maintained with the costumes, pictures, animatronic creatures and so much more to surprise you. This vacation can truly come out to be one of the best ones so far best places to visit with family.

3. Niagara Falls

Family Vacation
Picture credits: FoxNews

Ditching your Disney plan for Niagara Falls can possibly be the best decision. Plan a vacation to Niagara Falls and you yourself ould have a chance to witness the mystic fall. Standing and staring at the waterfall is just not the case. There are many more rousing activities like boat tour, the journey behind the falls, Niagara helicopter ride and the list goes on. Words aren’t enough to describe the beauty of this destination and endless options for your entertainment best places to visit with family.

4. Las Vegas

Picture credits: visitlasvegas.com

They say Vegas and children are two completely different categories but no more. With so much new things and a whole new series of entertainment, Las Vegas is now one great place to plan a family vacation best places to visit with family. From Seigfried & Roy’s Secret Garden, Dolphin Habitat to feeding at The Flamingo there are so many things to do in Vegas for your kids. Las Vegas is all set to entertain not only the adults but also the children now.

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5. India

Family Vacation India
Picture credits: oyorooms.com

A family vacation to a country like India is one great idea. Being a complete package destination, the scale of foreign tourists visiting the country has increased drastically. best places to visit with family From culture to heritage, from entertainment to Bollywood, from religion to known temples, and from delectable dishes to the local streets, India will surprise you every time. Time to show the kids what real beauty and culture is.

6. Kenya

Picture credits: worldtravelguide.com

A Kenyan safari is one thing that attracts tourists from all over the globe. A trip to Kenya rather than best places to visit with family Disney is absolutely one amazing idea. From the adventures to lavish stays and endless thrilling things to do, Kenya will welcome and serve you with the best of all. Set yourself to be treated well and explore Kenya for an amazing time in this bonny destination.

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