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Why Visit Italy

Any destination that is popular enough, receives a lot many tourists for a reason. To witness the beautiful streets, to see the scenic sunsets, to experience the adventurous activities and to swim on the crystal waters and get tanned on the beach, Italy is one such destination that comes with a complete package. A famous destination that is crowded all the 12 months needs no description about it. Visit Italy once and it will make sure to invite you again and again. It is one such destination where the people love to spend a vacation because this city always surprises you with many other spectacular things.
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For all those who have planned a vacation already, this will work as a quick checklist for you and for the rest this will help you to plan a trip soon. Check out these amazing places that are not to be missed when in Italy.
Mount Vesuvius
Climbing Mount Vesuvius is considered to be one exciting activity. It is one very popular place and allows many tourists to climb up and witness the immensely beautiful scenic view of Italy from the bird's eye.
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Explore Italy through Lake Como 
Get on the boat in Lake Como and get a chance to experience Italy and know about it even more. The Lake Como is surrounded with the lavish alpine forests on one side and houses owned by few celebrities on the other.
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Uffizi Gallery 
For all the art lovers, this gallery will surprise you with many unique and incredibly designed stuff in here. Uffizi Gallery is undoubtedly the most visited place in Italy and tons of tourists comes here to see the true art and culture in this gallery.
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Verona is home to Juliet, the popular character of Shakespear's play Romeo & Juliet. This place was built as a public attraction and since Juliet Romeo never existed this place became popular because of them. Many couples drop here and get clicked to show the symbol of love, making this building one most visited place.
[caption id="attachment_856" align="aligncenter" width="1920"] Picture Courtesy: Corte Realdi[/caption]
Marvel at Coliseum
A trip to Rome is incomplete if you do not visit the mighty Coliseum. People around the world visit Rome because of this one historically famous place. The Ruins was once a magnificent amphitheater and the greatest historical relics. It was a lavish property that would have had a capacity of over 50,000 spectators in there.
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Amalfi Coast 
If you wish to see complete Italy in a short time, head on the boat on Amalfi Coast and experience it once for all. There are many companies offering boats. While your journey, there will be many Meditarrean villages coming your way with food and drinks.
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The Roman Forum 
The Roman Forum is the second most popular place in Italy. It is located in between Capitoline and the Palatine hills in Rome. People come here and witness the historical background and feels really exciting to explore such a huge Roman Empire and get to learn new things about our past.
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Stromboli is one active volcano in Italy and also one of the known places to welcome many tourists. For an easy trek, you can climb up to 400 m but if you wish to trek further a certified guide should be there to take you to the top. It is a climb that involves excitement, adventure and a lot of fearly feeling.
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