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Top 7 Tourist Attractions In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is heaven for not only casino lovers but also for people who would love to explore the history and architecture of this amazing place. And is the attraction for people of all ages. It offers excellent architectural buildings situated amazingly in the city. It looks perfectly holding the attention of many tourists. Offers stunning views at night. It is famous for its nightlife. So let's have a deep knowledge before visiting this fantastic place.

1. Madame Tussaud's

It offers visitor their favorite stars preserved in the wax. This is situated near the escalators of the Venetian Hotel. The figures are so well made that they look lively to the audience. The figure includes Elvis to Bradley Cooper and Sofia Vergara. The theme of Madame Tussaud mainly focuses on people related to Las Vegas. Have fun capturing your favorite artist.

Madame Tussaud's

Picture Courtesy: Las Vegas Tickets.com

2. Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere tower is the theme based tower attracting many tourists towards it because of its design. This tower stands tall at 1,149 feet( 350 meters) high in the sky. It is the tallest free-standing tower in the whole united states. The top deck of this tower offers the 360-degree view of the city and the surrounding area. It offers daredevils for a fee to jump off the sky tower at 855 feet. Are you soo daring to visit this astonishing tower? You already know the answer!

Picture Courtesy: Las Vegas Weekly

3. Caesar's Palace And The Colosseum

This is the most unique architectural rich hotel in Las Vegas is the greatest tourist attraction. It's unique sculpted Statues attract a vast tourist. The hotel has great relevance with shows taking place in its concert venue called "The Colosseum". It has a great diversity of good performers like(Celine Dion and Elton John). This place has great passes sell and is almost full in every show. It is located in Las Vegas Boulevard. So, by visiting this place fill your soul with beautiful concerts.

4. The Venetian Hotel And Gondola Rides

It is a high visiting resort by tourist located on the Treasure Island, Strip. Its architectural look resembles Venice as shopping arcade from inside is so made having blue skies, canals, and gondoliers that throw a resemblance like that of Venice. In the hotel, many recreated things of Venice so found as the Rialto bridge and the bridge of sigh and many more. The hotel awaits the tourist visiting them taking them around the shopping arcade of the hotel by gondola rides. So, if you want to take the feel of Venice in Las Vegas so this place is meant for you.

Picture Courtesy: Pocket Vegas

5. The Strip

This place offers you a huge variety of artist. It is always equipped with several activities and performances each day. This holds for the vast entertainment options. Each place of the strip is remarked by various performance area, luxury hotel rooms and each one having a well-defined theme. It beautifully shines at night because of the various lights and signboards slamming an offer shinning brightly at night. It is the best place to stay on your trip as it connects from Mandalay Bay hotel to treasure island hotel. It is the area located 2.5-mile long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard. Have a thirst for entertainment go live at the strip and fulfill your desire.

Picture Courtesy: Visitlasvegas.com

6. Fremont Street Experience

Located in downtown Las Vegas. Is a unique experience in Las Vegas. As the pedestrian street holds many things worthy of praise. This is the area that glows at night. It is covered with beautiful lights shining brightly at night. This street launch music and visual show in the most spectacular way. It is the five-block section covered in lights of different colors and design. This place will enlighten your soul.

Picture Courtesy: Fremont Street

7. High Roller Ferris Wheel On The Link

Located on the far end of the link promenade, it is the largest of all the Ferris wheel in the world. Moreover, at more than 550 feet(167 m) tall, it completes one rotation in nearly half an hour. Provide a full view of the strip and nearby desert. It is equipped with an air conditioner cabin. Each cabin has a capacity of 40 people. Also, people taking this ride have full access to sky shops and buy souvenirs. Have a visit to the bar, shops, and restaurants of Las Vegas and also Eiffel Tower experience. The best time to have a view of this place is at night with lights on. It gives a heart-wrenching experience.

Picture Courtesy: Fineartamerica.com

This country will never leave you disappointed as it offers many great attractions it will leave a remark forever in your heart. Soo, plan a trip and hang around in this magical world of Las Vegas.

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