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The Ultimate Roadtrip Packing Checklist + What Not To Bring

Roadtrips can never go boring, no matter what company you have. It is one such pleasurable activity that can simply turn a bad day to a good one instantly. Road trips are all about fun, adventure and solely living the moments. A road trip is one answer to all your problems and the only thing that gives you a chance to refresh the mind, rejuvenate yourself and have a great time. Just to make your road trip hassle-free and go easy-breezy, we have a packing checklist for you. What to pack is as important as what not to pack.

Dig in to know what all you actually need for the ultimate road trip and also what not to bring.

Things that should be there on the list

* Battery Back-Up

Battery Back-Up?
Picture Courtesy: YouTube

Battery backup is an essential thing to keep in mind while on a road trip. Make sure your phones are fully charged, you have a battery back like another battery or a power bank. Also, don't forget to carry your phone charger even if your mobiles are changed completely.

* Snack Organiser

Roadtrip Packing Checklist
Picture Courtesy: Amazon.com

A snack organizer is a must for a road trip. Make sure all your snacks are well placed in the box. Having your own snacks will allow you to have much healthy food and avoid the outstation junk.

* Navigation

Picture Courtesy: GraphHopper

Navigation for routes and navigating apps should be the utmost priority. Roadtrips can go really long and confusing if you have no access to any sort of navigation. Make sure to use navigator whenever required for your safety concern and also to save time.

* Water Bottles

Roadtrip Packing Checklist
Picture Courtesy: FRANK Water

It is not always possible that you get shops or joints while on a road trip. To keep yourself and others hydrated throughout, make sure to carry water bottles along.

* Entertaining Playlist

Entertaining Playlist
Picture Courtesy: Read Cars

Roadtrips can go boring if you don't have the songs to go with the moment. Prepare one energetic and entertaining playlist according to your genre and see how a playlist can level up the road trip and make it even more exciting.

* First Aid Kit

Roadtrip Packing Checklist
Picture Courtesy: YouTube

First Aid Kit is something that should always be there on your car. No matter it is a road trip or not, it should always be there with all the required medicines that can be needed. Also, if you are on your medicines, it should be the first thing that goes in your road trip packing checklist.

* Trash Receptacle

Trash Receptacle?
Picture Courtesy: Amazon.com

Just to be a responsible individual and not to loiter the garbage on the roads, carry a trash receptacle to throw all the plastic packets, used tissues or any sort of trashy thing in that packet. Once you reach the destination you can dump the bag then.

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What Not To Pack?

* Alcohol

Picture Courtesy: Harris and Graves

Alcohol and driving is an injurious combo. Any illegal source can be very harmful especially when on a road trip. Also, there are many police officers on the highway who take their duty very seriously. Make sure there is no alcohol or any other drug that might spoil the trip completely.

* Snacks that require a knife

Roadtrip Packing Checklist
Picture Courtesy: Healthfully

Do not carry any snacks that need to be cut, cooked or prepared as it is quite obvious much that you are on a road trip and not on any family vacation. Also, snacks that might get rotten or stink after some time if not eaten should not be there in your snack bag.

* Fancy Clothes

Picture Courtesy: blog.tortugabackpacks.com

Roadtrips are always about long drives, entertaining songs, and comfortable clothes. Fancy clothes will not allow you to relax and enjoy as much as you can. Comfortable clothes are much easier and refreshing.

* Heavy Luggage

Picture Courtesy: Mom Abroad

Since it is a road trip and not a vacation, heavy luggage makes no sense. Only the things that are required should be there in your bag and make sure it is as light as possible. Heavy luggage works like a burden on the head and traveling everywhere with the bags can be a real pain. Small bag packs are the best when it comes to road trips!

* Carbonated beverages

Picture Courtesy: FoodBev Media

When on a road trip, carrying any carbonated drink is not a great idea. While you are traveling throughout, the drinks might burst because of the constant shaking. You can buy a drink from any shop nearby and can have it there itself, but packing it is not the option.

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