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Here's Why Fiji Should Be On Your Bucket List- Shirley Hall

Blog By: Shirley Hall

A vacation on islands is something I can never be bored of and can plan a visit anytime possible. The island vibes are so peaceful that you just fell in love with the destination and spending days look like hours here. I have explored Maldives, Bali, and Phi Phi Island before and now it was time to explore an island that is unique and extraordinary. So I got to know about this bonny island Fiji in South Pacific and the pictures itself made me book my tickets right away. Well, thanks to Flightsbank for making my booking hassle-free and being so co-operative with me. Since it was totally an unplanned vacation,

we decided to experience this island for 3 days. I planned this vacation with my husband and it was one great idea.

Picture Courtesy: The Crazy Tourist

Check out about my trip to Fiji, things you must do, accommodations making the trip even more enchanting and no wonder you yourself will realise why Fiji should be on your Bucket List.

Where To Stay?

Bucket list
Picture Courtesy: Condé Nast Traveler

Fiji tourism has been one important and discussed topic in recent months as Fiji has received so many tourists over the year. No matter it is the carnival time or the low key season, Fiji is all set to entertain you in its own way and also offer a great and affordable stay as per your needs and budget. We stayed in InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa. Being of the luxurious hotel, it is one lavish property spread across acres and is surrounded with the tall palm trees everywhere. They have incredible services and entertaining amenities like yoga club, kids club, outdoor pool, spa centre to rejuvenate yourself and much more. The stay at Intercontinental made our trip really one to remember.

Things Not To Be Missed

In these 3 days of vacation, we tried many exciting things. Though we didn?t make it up to all the adventures but to the ones we did were extremely enjoyable enough. Keep reading and you?ll surely get to know!

Hike Through Colo-i-Suva Forest Park

Hike Through Colo-i-Suva Forest Park?
Picture Courtesy: TripExpert

We are big-time nature lovers and we leave no chance to witness the natural beauty of any destination we visit. We went hiking in Colo-i-Suva Forest Park and it was undoubtedly a beautiful start for the day. The flora and fauna of the park truly speak for itself and there?s so much to explore in there.

Snorkelling In Castaway Island

Snorkelling In Castaway Island?, fiji
Picture Courtesy: Travel Mamas

Since it was a sunny day, no other day can be better for snorkelling. We dipped on the Castaway island and it was super fun. How can someone just not enjoy snorkelling and that too when in Fiji?

Sigatoka River Safari

Sigatoka River Safari?
Picture Courtesy: Tourism Fiji

Sigatoka River Safari was one of the best activity and 4-5 hours just went by. It was one thrilling adventure and we really loved it. This safari is way too adventurous and spending hours on this activity is surely worth the time and money.

Explore Navala Village

Explore Navala Village?, fiji
Picture Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Exploring the Navala village and interacting with the locals was such a pleasure. The people in Fiji are extremely sweet and helping. They were so interactive and shared a very loveable bond. It was a great idea to explore the Navala village and get to know so much about Fiji.

Fijian Cuisine

Your vacation to Fiji is incomplete if you don?t have the Fijian Cuisine there. This cuisine is delectable enough to serve your taste buds well and give you a flavour of their cultural touch.

Fijian Cuisine?
Picture Courtesy: NomList

There are many more things that one should definitely try if you have time. Amazing and thrilling activities like Garden of the sleeping giant, Firewalking festival in Suva, Cave tour of Cannibals Cave, explore the hidden mystic beaches and have one unforgettable time of your life. We were not able to cover these activities but I am surely planning a vacation to Fiji super soon and get my hands on these adventures I missed.

Fiji you soon fellas!

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