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Just Back From...Shanghai - Richard Williams

Blog by- Richard Williams

From visiting the Budha Temple to eating the sour dumplings, my trip to Shanghai was one of the best experience so far. Being a traveler, not only I got to explore the unseen things but also it was a great experience when it came to adventure, hopping, eating and staying. Shanghai, without any doubt, is a full travel package destination. It is a place that would attract you with its skyscrapers.

Influence to stay and would surely pamper your taste buds really well with its mouth-watering dishes and exotic drinks making your trip, one to remember


I wanted a break from my daily routine and as looking for an adventurous destination that would allow me to explore and enhance the bucket-list of all the experiences that I had before. Also, I was looking for a destination that was relaxing enough to make my voyage hassle-free and go easy-breezy. Keeping in mind the conditions, a solo trip to Shanghai was everything that I needed. I planned my journey for 3 days but this place convinced me to the extent the trip for 1 more day and undoubtedly, that 1 day was also worth it. Just to share my experience with you all out there who are planning to visit Shanghai or looking for one perfect destination, my blog can surely help you.

Here's to everything I explored, experiences I won't forget and the memories I will cherish. That's how my Shanghai trip was and I am sure it will help you to plan your trip better. These are a few things that simply made my journey exciting and sharing in here on this platform will help you all know a lot more and make sure not to miss on these things when in Shanghai.

The Bund


I started my day by visiting the very known, The Bund, the place Shanghai is famous for. This skyline stretches out against the Pudong river, it was one beautiful experience. It took me almost 1.5 hours to stroll around and meanwhile, I snapped many pictures capturing this scenic view.

Shanghai History Museum


After The Bund, it was time to learn about the ancient period and see what exciting things this museum has to offer. Shanghai's History Museum is a place that is more like an open book to showcase the origin and overall growth of the city. It is an amazing place to discover and learn so much about Shanghai.

Longhua Temple


Your trip to Shanghai is incomplete if you skip a visit to Longhua Temple. It is a temple Shanghai is famous for and the most known religious place also. With beautifully designed Chinese architecture and interior, it becomes an extremely mesmerizing place in spring when the temple is covered with flowers blooming all over.

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Yu Garden


Yu Garden is one mind-boggling place and will let you have an exquisite experience. It is one of the few old sights that are still here and receives millions of tourists every year. Words aren't enough to describe what real beauty is when one is in Yu Garden. It is a place uniquely decorated and well maintained over the years.

Apart from the sight-seeing, how can you forget to serve your taste buds? Well, since I have an amazing time serving my buds well, similarly you can do the same. Check out this list of must-have delectable dishes (the ones I had) and no wonder, why you will allow yourself to visit the city again.


*Soup Dumplings- A classic Shanghai dish

* Smoked fish slices- Fresh fish marinated with spices with a tangy taste

* Braised Pork- Sweet and caramelized pork belly with a zesty touch

* Fried Pork Buns- The local fried dim sum dish of Shanghai

* Yellow Croaker Noodles Soup- The juicy croaker fish soup with tangy noodles in the bowl

Shanghai's street food is also a great choice to have a tantalizing taste and experience. Exploring the city will help you to search out for the local food hunt too.


To end my experience crisp and compact, my trip to Shanghai was one enthralling experience of all time and I won't ever give even a second thought when planning a trip to this beautiful travel destination. Also, this is very much obvious but I strongly recommended you all out there reading my blog, plan a trip to Shanghai super soon!

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