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How To Plan a Getaway from New York to Cancun

A weekend getaway or a short trip from New York to Cancun is undoubtedly an exciting idea. Cancun is one famous travel destination that is on top of the traveler list and no wonder why it is a dream destination. The glittery white beaches of Cancun are made from the crushed coral that is ample in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is warm to touch and will not hurt your skin. Having the glittery sand and the shades of blue sky touching the crystal clear water, it is a perfect scenic view. With miles of astonishing beach and weather, it?s no surprise that Cancun and the Riviera Maya are home to over 46,000 destination weddings every year.

To make your travel easy, here is a guide from New York to Cancun that will help you save time, plan better and know what all to explore when in Cancun.

Best Time to Visit Cancun

New York to Cancun
Picture Courtesy: Villa del Palmar Cancun

If you visit Cancun, come in May to September, as during this time the groups of the whale sharks assemble in the waters off Cancun. Since they are huge and massive, they do not harm anybody and you can freely enjoy the swim. Take the risk and have a whale of a time. One other beauty that Cancun has is the underwater museum. This unique and lavish underwater museum named as (MUSA) has over 500 life-size sculptures. The view makes the person mesmerized completely. It is one of the most astonishing underwater artificial art attractions in the whole world.

Airport Guide

Once you reach Cancun from New York and the Airport formalities are done, need help to reach your destination?

Cancun Airport is about a twenty-minute drive from the hotel zone, 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen, and 90 minutes from Tulum and 2 hours from the Chichen Itza archaeological site.

Ground Transfers: There are many companies that offer transport services on the internet or through your hotel. A few companies also offer transportation service, both private and shared there.

Renting a Car: Renting a car is a great option if you wish to visit many other places in Cancun and the Riviera Maya during the trip. Roads are generally in good condition and signage is ample.

Bus Service: For a pocket-friendly option, the ADO bus company offers its services to Cancun. Merida, etc. There is an ADO bus ticket booth that is located just outside Terminal 2 making things easy for you.

Hotels in Cancun

Haramara Retreat

Hotels in cancun
Picture Courtesy: WeTravel

This place is popularly known as one of the best tourist destinations. Its way of preserving the environment is unique yet effective that attracts tourists. The use of local products for construction and organic ingredients showcases their respect towards nature and ways to preserve sustainability. Haramara is all geared towards those who need some refreshment and relaxation, and believe to deliver and serve with rejuvenating activities and much more to make you feel all refreshed.

? Suenos Tulum

? Suenos Tulum?

Picture Courtesy: Booking.com

Suenos Tulum is all designed and decorated to resemble an ancient Maya Town. With a rugged wall, stone building, thatched-roof palapas, and a central fire pit, solar-powered Suenos feel more remote in time that it actually is. The rooms are decorated with hand-painted tiles and indoor hammocks. The rooms also have solar-generated electricity and air-conditioning only at night.

? Azulik

where to stay in cancun
Picture Courtesy: Azulik

To make Azulik different from others, their ways of preserving the environment is quite different. The rooms are constructed completely from natural materials from the beaches and the surroundings. There is no light besides the restraint at night and the ground is so dark. Their night completely depends on the candle night only.

? Hotel Diamante K

? Hotel Diamante K?
Picture Courtesy: Yucatan

This lavish boutique hotel is located right on the stunning white sand shore in Tulum. The 2- cabin property was founded by a person whose secondary passion is ecology. The buildings and cabins are constructed with wood from the surrounding forests showing the distinctly rustic, earth-friendly look. The surroundings feel like an upmarket campground with hammocks stung up and lounge chairs placed to take in the palm-tree shade and the refreshing ocean breezes.

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Things to do in Cancun

Cancun, a Mexican city bordering the Caribbean is a place where you can experience what paradise exactly looks like. For many, it is a dream place and for others, it is a soothing place to rejuvenate.

Take 2-hour tour to Chichen Itza

Take 2-hour tour to Chichen Itza?
Picture Courtesy: yucatan.travel

If you?re in Cancun, this tour is surely a must to complete your Cancun trip. A 2-hour tour to the iconic Maya ruins of Chichen Itza is to be taken advantage of. Well, something that makes this visit interesting is that thankfully you don?t have to wait in the long lines. Thanks to a private entrance that gives you quick and easy access to this alluring historic site. Get a chance to learn the historical importance of all the crucial constructions such as the Nunnery, Observatory, La Iglesia and Akab Dzib. Explore many more temples and beautiful sites on this tour and be ready to learn a lot of new things.

Xcaret Park

Things to do in Cancun
Picture Courtesy: Caribe Viaggi Travel Agency Riviera Maya

Get ready to soak up under the sun and experience the scenic beauty and cultural heritage at Xcaret Park. This adventure park is in the center of Riviera Maya with 40 attractions and activities. From a lush jungle, underground rivers to the breathtaking Caribbean Sea everything gets exciting and thrilling. Once done with the adventure, set off to the Hacienda Henequenera for the beautiful green plantation. To make the day interesting and fun there are other spots like the Folk Art Museum, Chapel of Guadalupe, Living Museums of Orchids.

Apart from this, make your way to the aviary and feast your eyes on the captivating pink flamingos, scarlet macaws and more than 44 species of tropical birds and also get up close with the marine turtle that will surely give you goosebumps.

Cruise Away

Things to do in Cancun
Picture Courtesy: Wix.com

For all the romantic people out there, here is a chance to experience the scenic view and just get cruised away. Get ready to head to the pristine shores of Isla Mujeres enjoying a relaxing and refreshing ride on a luxurious catamaran. Snorkeling in the water is one of the most exciting activity and also swing through the charming town by doing some window shopping.

Xplor Park

Xplor Park?
Picture Courtesy: Xplor Park

Finally, the time is here to get refueled and gear up for the terrific exploration at Xplor Park in Cancun. Equipped with 2 zip-line circuits, lush jungles, huge buffets spreads, this natural park will surely bring you the junkie in you. With such thrilling adventures, you also get to work on an appetite. Use the park?s all-day, have the lavish buffet, fresh fruit smoothies, and hot chocolates-simply a perfect treat to digest the adventures and feel refreshed.

Day Trip to Tulum and Zacil-Ha Cenote

Things to do in Cancun
Picture Courtesy: Everything Playa Del Carmen

Uncover the mystery and secrets of the Maya ruins, an ancient civilization as you tour this archaeological site with your gang. Start digging your toes in the sand of Tulum?s beach and then take a refreshing dip in the Zachil-Ha cenote.

After this tour, you can head towards a walled Maya city perched on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Here you can even listen to stories about Maya rituals, culture, worship and many more things as you walk around the famous cliff-top, Castillo.

3-in-1 Adventure

3-in-1 Adventure?
Picture Courtesy: Gray Line Cancun

Get your adrenaline all pumped up for this 3-in-1 ride that will definitely give you goosebumps. The 3-in-1 adventure includes an ATV ride, a zip line route, swimming and snorkeling in the shimmering crystal pond and an ocean inlet. This adventure is all action-packed and will get the junkies out of you. This thing cannot be missed if you wish to have an unforgettable day.

Cancun Dancer Cruise

Things to do in Cancun
Picture Courtesy: www.dancercruise.com

For all the fun and adventure-loving people, the Dancer Cruise in Cancun Bay will become your bae. On this cruise, you can slide down the water-slide, jump off the diving boards to splash into the ocean, snorkel in the Gulf of Mexico, explore the islands of Isla Mujeres. Apart from these activities, the main highlight is the dance to music played by a live DJ. This is exactly why this cruise is known as the dancer cruise. Once done with the adventure and dancing, feed yourself with delicious food and drinks on the cruise.

Sky Rider & Aquatwister Combo

Sky Rider & Aquatwister Combo?
Picture Courtesy: Aquaworld

Experience the 2 very exciting adventures of Cancun all-together. Starting with simple parasailing in a Sky Rider, it then touches down and gets your adrenaline pumping in an Aquatwister speedboat. As it is designed for maximum speed, hold on people because the speed gets so high that the boat blasts into the water, cutting through the waves and screeching around the hairpin turns.

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