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Explore the Tropical Paradise: Maldives

Even after having hundreds of islands across the ocean, Maldives is one such picturesque destination that is considered to be the best place for a romantic getaway. Crystal clear water mixing with the shades of the blue sky is undoubtedly an alluring experience. If you have a chance to witness this mesmerizing view and explore the tropical paradise of your dreams, Maldives is just the right place. Also, popular as the romantic destination for honeymoon and weekend getaways, it receives a lot many couples throughout. Starting the day from a walk on the shimmery sandy beaches to staying in the beautifully built resorts, it is a place considered the dream destination. Tourists from all over the world come to explore the Maldives and have such a great time that they cannot stop themselves to pay a visit again.

If you are planning to experience the best time of your life in the Maldives, it is without a doubt the best decision.

Tropical Paradise: Maldives

To ease out your trip so that you can enjoy the sunset while sipping your drinks on the waterside, there are few things that you should not miss when in the Maldives. Read on and get the checklist ready!


  • Snorkelling

The Maldives is famous for its marine life and snorkeling is one such fun activity that just cannot be missed. Get into the water and explore the unseen underwater marine life of Maldives.

  • Water Flying
 water flying in maldives island
Picture Courtesy: oceantravelasia.com

Water flying is not everywhere but in the Maldives, it is and known as one of the adventurous activities. So if you have the strength and wish to experience that thrill, try the water flying and have one terrifying experience.

  • Diving

Your trip to the Maldives is incomplete if you miss out on diving. It is one activity that will let you witness the variety of fishes, coral life, sharks, and many underwater attractions.

 maldives island

Many other activities like surfing, parasailing, admiring the sunsets, fun tubing, etc are also there waiting for you to experience them on your trip to the Maldives.


  • Lily Beach Resort & Spa
Lily Beach Resort & Spa?
Picture Courtesy: Booking.com

It is recognized as one of the best and top-ranked luxurious resorts in the Maldives. It is one super luxury 5-star property that is well maintained and is highly rated because of its all-inclusive services.

  • Constance Moofushi Resort
Constance Moofushi Resort?
Picture Courtesy: Kuoni

Having over 86 water villas and 110 rooms/suites, Constance Moofushi is the newest 5-star lavish property. It is one modern luxury resort on the private island in the Maldives. Reviews on the resorts have been warming.

  • Vakarufalhi Island Resort
Stay at Maldives
Picture Courtesy: YouTube

Being of the popular and old resort, Vakarufalhi is well-equipped with 25 water villas and over 75 rooms/suites. A very known and traditional Maldives private-island property considered to the best.


  • Mas Huni
Food at Maldives
Picture Courtesy: Maldives

It is one tempting dish to serve your taste buds well. It is shredded smoked Tuna, served with grated coconuts, lemon and onions. A popular Maldivian breakfast was eaten with a bread called Roshi.

  • Boshi Mashuni
Maldivian Food
Picture Courtesy: www.michalschein.com

Boshi Mashuni is a banana flower salad. It is a mixture of a salad and salsa having crunchy shredded banana flowers. Complimented with curry leaves, turmeric, and a few spices and lemon to give the dish a tangy twist.

  • Kulhi Boakibaa
Maldivian Food
Picture Courtesy: Lonumedhu

To make sure to have a memorable Maldivian dish, Kulhi Boakibaa is the name. It is a fish cake cooked in many homes on special occasions and also popular in cafes. Made of smoked tuna, coconuts and ground rice.

Kulhi Boakibaa Recipe: https://maldivescook.com/recipe/kulhi-boakibaa/

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