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Why Finland is the Happiest Country

A country is considered to be a happy one because of many factors. Starting from its immigrants to the safety levels, it takes a lot to be named as a happy country and to be ranked on top of all. Finland is the name synonymous to the happiest country. Yes, you heard it absolutely right! Finland, a Northern European nation that borders known names like Sweden, Norway and Russia is a dream destination for many out there. People look out for many reasons why to visit a country and its popular things to do but when it comes to Finland, you hardly need a second thought. Wondering why this country is so much in talks and what are the things making it the happiest of all? Well, we know you are thinking the same and just to ease out your doubts and lower your excitement,

Dig into the blog now. Check out the few perplexing reasons why Finland is a happy country.

Finland is the Happiest Country
Picture Courtesy: Goodnet

1. Eco-friendly Country

Finland is fully covered with green credentials. It is one such destination that has the maximum number of trees in the whole of Europe. On the factual side, Finland ranked top in the Environmental Performance Index in 2016. Also, it has more forests than any country in Europe and the 11th most in the world.

Picture Courtesy: SLOW Finland

2. Land of Thousand Lakes

Finland has been known as 'Land of thousand lakes'. Having over 1,79,584 to be approx, this nation is on the second only to Sweden in the global island ranking. Imagine how many years would it take you to explore the lakes? Keep imagining!

Finland is the Happiest Country
Picture Courtesy: Visit Finland

3. Safest Nation So Far

As per the 2018 Travel Risk Map, which is completely based on three different categories, ie medical, security and road safety declared that Finland is the nation that has the lowest overall threat level and is considered to be the safest country so far. Undoubtedly, a place perfect for your family vacation.

Picture Courtesy: Työterveyslaitos

4. Santa lives here

The Father Christmas lives in Finland and this just makes us the happiest just like the country already is. Santa lives in Lapland that is the real Finland. A lovely yet mystic wilderness is home to the nomadic Sami and their reindeer. In summers you go hiking while in winters you can go for ice fishing, mush with a husky dog team or even ski.

Finland is the Happiest Country
Picture Courtesy: Santa Claus Village

5. Great Wifi

Getting a great speed of wifi is something that makes us the happiest. Ever thought which countries are on top when it comes to rapid Internet experience? Yes, you are guessing it right! Finland is the country that is in the top 10 and has great wifi. No doubt why it is the happiest country.

Picture Courtesy: Business Finland

6. The Northern Lights

Words aren't enough to describe the spectacular experience of the Northern Lights. Finland is the best place on the Earth to experience the mystifying Northern lights. It is so magical that you just cannot leave from there.

Finland is the Happiest Country
Picture Courtesy: Booking.com

7. Strip off for a Sauna

Having 5.4 million people in Finland, and three million saunas-it is the national obsession with communal cleansing. The Yrjonkadun Uimahalli sauna and the pool in Helsinki are nicely decorated with unique interior and occupy a classic 1920s Art Deco building.

Finland is the Happiest Country
Picture Courtesy: Travel + Leisure

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