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How I traveled to Italy- Larry Hawkins

Italy has always been one of my favorite destinations. It is one place that is undoubtedly beautiful to the extent that a person would surely pay a visit again. I am a frequent traveler and I have been to many places like Cancun, Maldives, Vegas and many more are there on the list but Italy really surprised me a lot. I always wanted to explore Italy and when I finally got a chance to, I was super excited and started daydreaming already. I planned my trip to Italy with my best friends Kate & Jerry. Kate and I love adventure and are always up for thrilling things while on the other hand, Jerry is not so adventurous and prefer more of exploring the unseen destinations and sightseeing. With people having the opposite taste and likings, Italy was super good for the three of us respectively.

We planned our trip in mid-November and it was 3 days trip. Many said November is not a good month for Italy but trust me, only the ones who have been there knowing why November is the best month for Italy. November is the month where the climate is moderate in day and temperature is manageable in the night too.

We managed the whole day in the jacket. This month was also a good choice because the streets were less crowded.

Visit Italy

To give you a brief about my journey and let you plan things accordingly, here are a few things I would suggest you not to miss when in Italy. From things to do, restaurants to eat, and to the hotels to stay, everything is there in this blog. I hope you like it and it may help you to know what to do when to visit and what not to miss when in Italy.

Day 1

We checked in to our hotel in Rome named The Rooms of Rome in Palazzo Rhinoceros. Being with massively spread property, it is one of a kind hotel. With lavish rooms uniquely decorated with ancient items, huge bathrooms and a garden attached to our room, it was a perfect luxury stay for us. We got ready and headed to explore Rome. Places like The Roman Forum is one thing you should definitely not miss. We witnessed the historical background of the Roman Empire and got to know many more facts. Then we headed to the Marvel at Coliseum. A trip to Rome is always said to be incomplete if you do not visit the Coliseum. With a lavish property that would have had a capacity of over 50,000 spectators, is a magnificent amphitheater of all time. We also explored other places like Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, Sistine chapel and few more were also a great experience. Too tired of the sightseeing the whole day we had dinner in our hotel itself and it was again a great choice. The food was mouth watering and was served with great care and love. The staff did an incredible job!

Day 2

Since Jerry's Wishlist of exploring the sightseeing attractions were fulfilled on the very first day, Day 2 was completely for the adventure. If you love adventure just like me, you would surely enjoy these thrilling rides. We went for a trek to Stromboli and it was around 400 m trek. Stromboli is an active volcano in Italy and one of the very famous spot too. The climb was an easy trek but was full of excitement and a bit of fear. The view was so mesmerizing from the top that we actually sat for 2 hours there. After this, we headed for scuba diving and snorkeling. It was one terrifying experience and we 3 gonna come again for the best scuba diving here in Italy. Oh, we 3 are also certified scuba divers now! WOAH!

Scuba dive in italy

Day 3

Since it was our last day here, we went for some shopping. We explored Via Del Corso for our shopping wish-list. The streets here have a wide range of shopping choices. This market had local boutiques as well as many international brands as well. A great place to buy souvenirs and look for clothing. After the shopping, to pamper our taste buds well, we headed to Open Baladin. We wanted to experience something different from the regular pizzas and pasta, and luckily Open Baladin was just the right stop. This restaurant is known for its delectable burgers that were extremely delicious. Also, having collaboration with 2 Italian Breweries, it had over 40 rotating beer options in the tap. Surely, a must visit the restaurant when in Italy. We ended our trip with exploring Italy through Lake Como. It was one beautiful and memorable experience. Lake Como is surrounded with the lavish alpine forests on one side and colorful houses on the other side.

where to eat in italy

It was a lifetime experience and a trip that made us explore the unexplored things, take a step towards our fear, experience the beauty of Italy and plan a visit again super soon. It is without a doubt, a complete package destination that will convince you to pay a visit again and again.

Blog By: Larry Hawkins

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