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10 Interesting Facts About Hong Kong

Being a very known tourist destination, Hong Kong is something that doesn?t need any attractive description. The name itself makes every individual visualize how beautiful and crazy a destination can be. Hong Kong has that potential in its vibes that are stronger enough and its sigh seeing spots that are onto a different level of happiness and nature at its best. But for all those who don?t know much about it and the ones who think they can polish up their facts right, read on and check these 10 best interesting facts about Hong Kong.

1.Hong Kong is just the right stop for hiking and walking trails. Having glorifying gardens to explore, sandy & lavish beaches, day trips to adventure and much more, it is a complete package destination for all your adventures.


2. This one is for all the travel and adventure hippies out there. Hong Kong has the highest bungee jumping over the world. Prices starting from $500, it is 233 meters high free fall.

10 Interesting Facts About Hong Kong
Picture Courtesy:Klook

3. Hong Kong is not as expensive as you have been thinking. Places like Tokyo, Singapore, Australia and few more can be a burning hole in the waller but there is so much more in Hong Kong itself. There are many market places where you can get a dish under $5 only.

Picture Courtesy: Context Travel

4. Hong Kong has its own currency. Chinese Yuan? Nah, they have their own Hong Kong Dollar. Make sure to save up on the currency to have a pocket-savvy journey and also take care that you get the right money in the right and required currency.

10 Interesting Facts About Hong Kong
Picture Courtesy: South China Morning Post

5. Hong Kong is massively popular for its nightlife. The nightlife and nightclubbing in Hong Kong are considered to be the best as it attracts a truly international crowd. There are so many little bars to enjoy and clubs to shake a move that draws the hottest and spiced up the crowd every month.

Picture Courtesy: Discovery Cathay Pacific

6. You can extend your stay without a doubt. With so many facilities like shopping malls, expat community and much more, it is a perfect place to have an extended stay. A place that can be called a home.

10 Interesting Facts About Hong Kong
Picture Courtesy: TripZilla

7. Hong Kong proudly differentiates itself from China. Mandarin is the language in China but interestingly, almost everyone in Hong Kong speaks extremely perfect English. Unlike China, English is a language that is required by the students as a form of another language.

Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

8. Hong Kong is known for its skyline touching buildings. The highest number of skyscrapers are found in here. More than 7000 buildings have over 14 floors making it a must-visit travel destination.


9. Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee are the two famous names who gave Kung Fu great importance and impact in the world. Hong Kong as well as popular for making the best kung fu movies.

10 Interesting Facts About Hong Kong
Picture Courtesy: Malay Mail

10. Being of the most visited place, the Hong Kong International Airport is considered to be the busiest of all. It receives over 59 million passengers every day making it one huge and massive airport.


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