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Ontario: City Guide

About the city: Ontario is one of the major cities of Canada and is one of the 13 provinces that belong in that territory. The location is mainly towards the east-central part of the country. This is the most populous province of the country and also the second largest province. The nation?s capital city Ottawa belongs in the province of Ontario and Toronto as well, which is the provincial capital of Ontario. It shares almost its entire border with the United States of America. There are water bodies in the other parts. The province is mainly divided into a northern part and the southern part.


About Airports and Railways: The Toronto Pearson International Airport is the main airport of Ontario. It is also the busiest airport in the whole of the country. The other important airports include the Ottawa Macdonald Cartier International Airport and the Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Both domestic flight services, as well as international flight services, thrive in these airports all over the world.


The railway is quite highly developed, and the Via Rail takes care of the train services on Quebec City Windsor Corridor. Amtrak rail joins the key cities of the countries to Ontario, and they are quite spread out, making the railway system one of the best in the country.

Hotels & Restaurants: The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association, the Best Western plus the Arden Park Hotel, the Mercer and the Holiday Inn & Suites St. Catharines Conf Ctr are the top places to stay and dine at Ontario.


Must try food: A lot of foods should not be missed in Ontario. These include Caesar, beaver tails, Canadian pizza, butter tarts, Nanaimo bars, split pea soup, Tourtiere, and ketchup.


Markets: St. Lawrence Market, Hamilton Farmers? Market, Peterborough Farmers? Market, Covent Garden Market, and the Kingston Public Market are the top popular market places in Ontario.


City Transportation: Transportation mainly consists of roads and waterways. For roads, the 400 series highways connect the various parts of the province. The Ambassador Bridge and the Blue Water Bridge are the important bridges, and the important highways are Highway 401, Highway 417 and Highway 400. As for the waterways, the Saint Lawrence Seaway is the main path that acts as the major transportation tour for tourists as well as residents.


Must Visit Places: The city of Toronto, the Niagara Falls, Ottawa, thousand islands, Algonquin Provincial Park, Mississauga, Thunder Bay, The Blue Mountains, and Windsor are places to look for in Ontario.


The climate of Ontario: The city of Ontario faces a great variation of temperature with the location and the season. Three air sources, mainly the air from the north, air from the western prairies and the air from the Gulf of Mexico influences the climate of Ontario to a great extent. Also, latitude plays a major role in determining the climate of the city. Mainly, the humid continental type climate can be used to express the climate of Ontario in a generalized manner. The latitude divides the place into three climatic regions.


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