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9 Fun Facts About Hong Kong That You Didn’t Know Before

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Hong Kong has always been a dream destination for the tourists out there and no wonder why it is considered to be one of the best places to explore the real beauty and adventure. With so much to offer and make your vacation simply thrilling yet divine, Hong Kong will never disappoint you. Here you get a chance to witness what real-life adventures are and learn so much more about the place that we bet you didn’t know about. From the culture to the people and to the food, everything in Hong Kong is extra-ordinary. Just to spice up your knowledge,

Dig in to know these 9 fun facts about Hong Kong that you surely didn’t know before.

1. Just like other destinations where people usually trek up the hill, Hong Kong made easy for their people. There is a really long escalator, nearly 2600 ft that helps the people commute up and down the huge hills in the city quite easily.

 Facts About Hong Kong
Picture Courtesy: findingbeyond.com

2. Did you know why Hong Kong stands at top of world rankings? Well, it is the 1223 skyscrapers making the city stand tall and high. There are sky-touching buildings taller than 500 ft and nearly 8000 buildings with more than 14 floors.

 Facts About Hong Kong
Picture Courtesy: bustle

3. If you are a luxury car lover, you will love the place no matter what. Hong Kong is the name when it comes to luxury cars and has more Rolls Royce’s than anywhere else in the entire world.

Picture Courtesy: utsglobalexchange

4. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are the two legends that are synonymous to Kung Fu and Martial Arts and interestingly, Hong Kong is the hometown to both these known names of the worldwide cinema.

 Facts About Hong Kong
Picture Courtesy: ageholdsnobounds.wordpress.com/

5. If you ever thought McDonald’s was just for eating, here’s a surprise for you. In Hong Kong, you can get married at the McDonalds. Yes, you read it right. A full-fledged marriage with balloons, wedding dress, rings, and of course food by McDonald’s. Though this would cost nearly $2000 USD.

 In Hong Kong, you can get married at the McDonalds.
Picture Courtesy: Culture Trip

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6. Considered to be known as the most intelligent people with the highest IQ level in the world, Hong Kongers have an average IQ level of 107. So if you think you got more knowledge, have a word with them!

Hong Kongers have an average IQ level of 107
Picture Courtesy: South China Morning Post

7. This may sound super weird but interestingly, it is true! In 2004, during a league cricket match was called off because the batsman was hitting so many sixes that it became a danger for the passing traffic. Either high sixes were ay too high or the stadium was way too small. What do you think?

Picture Courtesy: South China Morning Post

8. How can someone not love the melting delectable dim sums? Here these dim sum means ”touch the heart” and we are sure they do it really well. Dim sum was originated here and now are as an essential part of the local culture.

Dim sum was originated from Hong Kong.
Picture Courtesy: cnn.com

9. If you are on a vacation to Hong Kong, the world’s largest and permanent light and sound show happen here. A Symphony of Light’s is an astonishing light and sound show that happens daily and is a must-watch for all the tourists when in Hong Kong.

Picture Courtesy: Discover Hong Kong

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