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Bali: A Paradise On Earth

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Blog by- Annie Stuart

Being an avid traveler, I have almost explored most of the destinations around the globe. Traveling to me is like a new book to a zealous reader. It gives me the pleasure to live a happy life with a soul that is absolutely free and can wander wherever it wishes to. It takes a lot for me to actually fall in love with a place and pay a visit again. This time, a destination that made me fall for itself was Bali. A destination that has been on top of the list and that undoubtedly receives many tourists every month. I wanted one reason to love this place and it gave me many to come again and again.

Surrounded with the crystal blue waters on one side and the shimmering sandy beaches on the other side, it is an alluring view to witness once in a lifetime. I went to Bali on a solo trip and had the best time of my life. Being an adventure junkie and a water baby, I am super crazy for all these thrilling activities that made my vacation even more interesting. To experience what the real beauty is, keep reading this blog to make sure that you know what all you have to do that can simply make your vacation to Bali a memorable vacation.

Must-Visit Attractions in Bali:
Ulun Danu Temple
Tanah Lot Temple
Watch a Kecak Dance
Visit the Monkey Forest

Apart from the sight-seeing, there are multiple things to do in Bali. I had an amazing experience when I went for jetpacking. It was one exciting sport that made me fly high for about 10 meters in the sky letting me witness the beauty from up there. One must definitely try this when in Bali.

The kept my last day to explore the culture of Bali. Celuk is a known village that is quite famous for its silversmiths. Also, nearly 20 minutes away, I explored the streets of Jalan Raya Celuk where I came across a huge mesmerizing variety of silver studios with uniquely designed silverware at affordable prices. Keeping the vacation pocket-savvy, I never went into shopping more rather I got a chance to know the culture of Bali with a closure. Ubud is the place famous for the cultural heartland of Bali. It is all filled with rice paddies and many art galleries depicting the historic beauty of Bali, the tradition and many different aspects.

For me, it was one beautiful highlight and a trip that would be a memorable one. Bali is undoubtedly a paradise on earth that has made me believe why traveling to such destinations help you live a happy life.

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