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Must-Visit Places In London

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The largest city of the United Kingdom, London undoubtedly tops the list of alluring tourist destinations. The most versatile, most innovative and most inspiring city has prevailed upon the world’s best arts, music, entertainment, fashion and many more. London music – from rock, pop to jazz and opera – rocks. London theatres never get empty. The capital city of Britain, standing on the banks of river Thames, London is beautiful in its royal places, museums, churches, concert halls, shopping malls and what not. The city has so much to offer whether you come for the first two weeks or a month, you won’t be able to complete visiting most of London. You will continue to discover one after the other tourist destinations that will easily fit into a single day trip. And an added plus point is most of the spots offer free entry. If you can afford food & lodging there, it will be worth staying there for an extra few days. It is also a hub for many sports. We all know that London was the first city where three Summer Olympic Games were held.

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If you are you planning your next trip to London or it is on the top three of the next visiting list, you are reading the right article. Dig into the blog to know the must-visit places in London to have an amazing vacation.

Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s palace, located in the city of Westminster, is one of the many attractions of London. Be it a matter of National delight or communal lamentation, Buckingham Palace has been the central point for the British people. Originally built as a Townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, the palace was made the official residence of the British Monarch from 1837 during Queen Victoria’s enthronement. There are 775 rooms in the palace. For the months of August and September and for some days during winter and spring, the staterooms, the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews are kept open for visitors. These rooms are now used for stage entertainment. However, you must book your tickets early as there are very high demands due to the short time.

The charming gardeners inside the palace have ranked as the largest garden for private use. The waving flag at the top of the building is an indication that the Queen is at the palace. You must not miss the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. A group of sentries perform for 2 hours along with 35 musicians and are relieved by another group. They work in shifts. Visitors enjoy the parade and marching of the band during their shift. Mainly they perform on traditional music but when the ‘Old’s and ‘new’ guards move towards the palace gate, the tunes change into some of the unexpected ones – you may hear some from the recent releases. One more not to forget a thing – enjoy the traditional afternoon tea between 3 to 5 p.m.

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British Museum

It is a 15-20 minutes car ride to reach the British Museum from Buckingham Palace. It is located in the Bloomsbury area. No admission fee is required. It stays open up to 5:30 P. M. from 10 o’clock in the morning. Being the first National Museum in the world open for public, it records the story of the evaluation of human culture right from the beginning up till the present day. Securing over eight million works, it is the largest museum ever existed. The museum has expanded and many new branches were opened due to the expansion of British Colonies. Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sport sponsored the museum but it is a non – departmental public body.

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Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Situated on the banks of Thames, the Tower of London had served as a multipurpose tower. It had been a palace, a prison, a zoo and also a treasury. Some of the attractions of the Tower of London include – The White Tower, The Crown Jewels, The Fusilier Museum, The Tower Green, The Medieval Palace, The Coins and the Kings and The Line of Kings. Take a guide and be a part of history. The Crown Jewels Exhibition is a must see. The 200 feet adjoining Tower Bridge, often confused with the London Bridge is an archetypal symbol of London. It is maintained by Bridge House Estates. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is worth visiting as it displays the history behind the building of the bridge with the help of photos and films.

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Big Ben

Big Ben is only 4 minutes away from Tower Bridge via an underground tube. It is available at the interval of every 5 minutes, costing around £2. It is the cheapest and fastest route among many available routes.

The giant clock and it’s echoing housed within the 318 feet tower speaks for London more than any other heritage does. Primarily it was known as the Clock Tower. To honor Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee, the Clock Tower was renamed as Elizabeth Tower. There are 334 steps to reach the belfry. As of now, it is under renovation until the proposed time of resuming it in 2021.

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Among other striking places, there are The London Eye, National Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Convent Garden, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey and many more to let you have one memorable vacation.

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