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Must-Visit Places In Dubai

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The sparkling city, Dubai is best known for its rich high rising skyscrapers, beaches, nightlife, museums, opulent hotels and many more. The World’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, other famous architecture, it’s grand shopping malls, traditional and cultural hubs, variant cuisines and mild yet attractive lifestyle have made the city much more than just a remote desert area. Ranked as the most expensive city in 2012, Dubai has grabbed World attention by its ultra-modern architecture and large construction projects. In recent past few years, Dubai has acquired so much fame that most of its present revenues come from tourism and trade. The fast developing global city has turned itself into a tourist hub of the Middle East.

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If you are planning for an exciting vacation, your next tour destination surely is Dubai. Dig in to make the vacation interesting and know what you should definitely not miss when in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa

The most famous, magnificent landmark of Dubai, Burj Khalifa must top your list of visiting places here. 829.8 meters high, the building is the tallest of the world. First known as Burj Dubai, it was inaugurated in 2010. Later it came to be known as Burj Khalifa in order to honor the then President of the United Arabia Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Designed by Adrian Smith, it contains a total of 57 elevators and 8 escalators. There is an observation deck built on the 124th floor. The bird view from this deck is simply mind-boggling. The ceaseless view of the desert at one side and one of the ocean around-the-clock give you goosebumps. The 360-degree view from the observation deck is a must to experience in Dubai.

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To avoid the long queue, prefer booking your entrance tickets well in advance, especially when it is the peak season. Panoramic night view of the city will be worth enjoying. The long winding pathways, beautifully trimmed gardens, fountains swathed around the building make the best sightseeing ever. Another tallest feature of the World, Dubai Fountain is also located here. A top class vacation experience awaits you here.

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2. The Dubai Mall

Providing a pathway that enters the Burj Khalifa, the second largest mall in the world on the basis of the total land area, the Dubai Mall is the leading shopping mall in Dubai. Over 54 million tourists come here to shop from almost 1200 shops. It is an essential part of the Downtown complex named Downtown Dubai. Needless to say, it has a variety of things to shop. However, the Dubai Mall is not only a shopping mall, but it also has much more to offer. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are one of the other notable attractions. Designed by Peddle Thorp, the aquarium has provided a home to more than 300 species of aquatic animals. An amusing park, once dedicated to the gaming character, Sonic, the Hedgehog, now to Virtual reality, VR Park is an indoor theme park built inside the Dubai Mall. The large area of the park offers 15 rides and a lot of games like classical carnival games, redemption games, motion stimulator games and many more.

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3. Al-Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum

Al-Fahidi Fort, constructed to defend Dubai Creek is now housing the Dubai Museum. The walls of the fort, built out of coral blocks exhibit an extraordinary beauty. The museum strives to show the traditional way of living in the Emirates of Dubai. The ruling family used to live here, later it was used as a Government seat and also a prison. A path from the fort leads to a gallery which is a storehouse of the culture of the 1800s and some local, Asian and African antique artifacts. You can take a bus from Fahidi bus station or metro from Ghubaiba can take you there. Cars are also available on rent.

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4. Al Bastakiya

If you want to be a part and explore the age-old tradition of Dubai, you must take a walk around the Al Bastakiya district. It is also known as Al-Fahidi Neighborhood. It can consist of up to 60 housing units being separated by narrow lanes. The district was built for the Persian Pearl and Textile merchants. The coral limestone buildings, the wind towers at the top of the buildings bear an excellent mark of tradition as they are preserved with care. Places like Mawaheb Gallery offers an opportunity to the students above the age of 16 to produce arts that help them develop or enhance life skills. Arabian Tea House Cafe, Coffee Museum, Make Art Cafe are also some of the striking places to visit in this district that can make the tour even more interesting.

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