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My Top 10 Travel Essentials

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Seven continents, one hundred and ninety-five countries and we have one life. It’s mind-blowing to think of how many awestruck places existing in our world and being able to explore even few of them leads to the fulfillment of our soul. Lucky are those who get to explore the world and experience things that make you believe and understand how simple yet alluring our life can become. Many times people tend to forget important things that result in a waste of time and money. What to pack is as important as what not to pack. Travel essentials are an essential part.

To make your planning easier, here is a list of 10 travel essentials which are friendly accessories that you must slip into your travel kit to experience anything at anywhere and anytime.

1. Toiletry bags

Wherever in the world, you are no matter how much cool and clean the place is, hygiene comes first. You must carry your toiletry goods like a toothbrush – toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shaving kit, hair brush, nail cutter, deodorant, and some related items during travel. Travel – Toiletry bag comes very handy to hold all of the many accessories and containing a drawstring it is easy to carry also.

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2. First Aid Kit

Accidents are unpredictable. It may happen at any moment and to anyone. So it is a wise decision to carry the items along that can give you instant relief from sudden mishaps. Items like bandages, band-aids, antiseptic wipes, antiseptic creams, cotton balls, gauze, saline, scissors, butterfly strips (to close wounds just like stitches), gloves, tweezers, syringe and so on. So don’t forget to make a kit with these items.

3. Safety Locks

Being in an unknown place, you must take special care of your goods. You need to be one hundred percent safety sure in order to enjoy the beauty of the place you are in mindfully. Moreover, keeping the uncertainties in mind, you must make safety locks a top priority among your travel accessories to safeguard the same.

4. Travel Neck Pillow

Anyone anywhere can have a power nap or a or two good hours sleep using this user-friendly and travel-friendly pillow. Those who have difficulties in sleeping in cars or trains or planes during long journeys can use these. For some, these may seem to be an extra added cost but insomniac and sleep lovers these are lifesavers. These are used for long layovers too.

5. Ear Plugs

Everybody wants to enjoy his or her dream destination and has a memorable travel experience. But most of the time it seems impossible if you are visiting a noisy place. Carrying ear plugs will give you incomparable comfort. They are more effective than earphones, can secure you completely from any kind of loud noises. So put the earplugs on and enjoy the way you want. These also prevent water and dust intrusion.

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6. Eye Mask

A bit of relaxation is needed before proud after the long day of travel. Or, you may become tired long before reaching your hotel destination. Don’t keep yourself in pain, instead keep your eye mask with you always, so that you may take a break from the exhausting day and have a wink of sleep.

7. Power Bank

With the help of technology now you can reach the farthest point in Earth and still keep in touch with your near and dear ones. But finding a proper plug point each time you run out of the charge of your phone is just next to impossible. Here carrying a power bank will be an amazing help.

8. Flashlight

Imagine yourself out in the woods and its getting dark. Keep a safe distance from dangers with a handy lightweight flashlight.

Travel essentials
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9. Universal Travel Adapter

After you run out of charge in your power bank, a travel adapter can help you. Make sure you buy a good one that can charge all your gadgets.

Travel essentials
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10. Documents

Even if you have collected all your documents in one folder, to avoid the risk get them on your phone or mail as well. Documents like passport, identity proof, etc are the essential part of traveling. Travel wallets are also one great idea. They hold more than your regular wallets and help keep your necessary documents in one place.

Travel Essentials
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