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Get These Top 7 Irish Destinations On Your Checklist Now

Top Irish Destinations
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Exploring the lush green exotic landscapes, the remarkably rich Celtic culture, a history dated back to the pre-historic age, colorful and friendly people of Ireland is one of the best things you can do in your lifetime. It has a combination of varied cultural influences of Gaels, America, and Europe along with its age-old culture of ancient people living here – all contribute to the richness of the “land of saints and scholars”. It has a reputation of having won the more number of Nobel Prize in Literature than any other country in the World. Dublin earned the fame of being the UNESCO City of Literature in 2010. The island may be small in size, cities may run in haste all the time but a visitor, there, is bound to feel at home.

The gleaming beauty of Ireland’s greenery, the rolling hills, the romantic wilds invite you to forget the hustle bustle of daily life and rejuvenates your tired soul. Located in the North Atlantic, the sensational windswept “Emerald Isle” clearly justifies the saying, “Wilderness is healing, a therapy for the soul”.

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Here are the seven most exquisite tourist locations in this gem of nature that offer the healing beauty we often forget to enjoy being trapped in the vicious circle of daily life.

1. Killarney National Park

Located in the country Kerry near the South West Coast of Ireland, Killarney National Park is one of the most visited places along with visually charming Killarney Lakeshore. It was the first built national Park in Ireland after Muckross Estate was donated in 1932. It remains open every day from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M. There’s a parking lot near the Muckross House, where you can park your bike, cycle there and have a walk through the park. There are also available Jaunty cars – Killarney’s specialty – horse and carriages that will give you a grand ride around the park. If you are in or anywhere near Kerry, you must have a look at the age-old mansion situated here to enjoy its spectacular beauty. It bears the worldwide famous magnificence glory of the past days. Winding paths and lanes are treated to visit and they also lead to the beautiful lakes and mountains.

Killarney National Park
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2. Iveragh Peninsula, the Ring of Kerry

Another striking location in the country Kerry, the Iveragh peninsula is worth to explore. It contains Ireland’s most panoramic route. The route initiates at the South West corner of the peninsula from Kenmore and runs into Waterville at West, then towards North and Northeast to Killorglin. The N71 from R562 takes you back to the South, to Kenmare. It is known as the Ring of Kerry. You can begin your exploration at any point, you will be back at the same spot after a few hours. There are the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, jaw-dropping views of the islands, mountains, and villages. Freshwater fishing, horse riding, water sports, golf are regularly practiced here which make it the most attractive place to visit. Also Ogham stones, Iron Age forts attract the ancient history lovers. Measuring the whole route it should take 3 hours to complete the journey but this will fail to satisfy you. The scenic ring has much more to offer.

The Ring of Kerry, Ireland
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3. Galway

Located on Ireland’s west coast, at a place just where the River Corridor meets the Atlantic Ocean, Galway is mainly a harbor city. Art galleries, shops, traditional pubs are the main attraction of the city, Galway. Mostly winding and cobblestone streets have bordered the city. With the live music played in the pubs and other live music venues, the city is famous for being a center for traditional Irish music. It is the only place left where Irish is spoken. So if you are near the west coast of Ireland and want to be a part of ancient yet breathing Irish culture you must visit the city full of culture, history and history and true Irish touch.

Galway, Ireland
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4. The Cliffs of Moher

After visiting Galway, you may head towards the natural beauty of the Cliffs of Mother, a location just one and half hours away by car. The Cliffs stretch for about 8 kilometers and the highest point is about 214 meters high. This is located in the country Clare. It is the most visited natural place. Nearly one million people from all over the world visit the magnificent rock face once a year. The craze itself speaks for its lavish beauty. Do you remember the postcards bearing the pictures of scenic landscapes popular in the second half of the last century? You will be able to see those heavenly beauties here. Reaching there, you will get tempted by its breathtaking view to take a walk along the aisle and encounter the fresh vibe of the exquisite green landscape.

The Cliffs of Moher
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5. The Little Museum of Dublin

If you are interested in the history of Dublin, the Little Museum of Dublin is the best place for you to visit. It is voted as the number one museum of Ireland. The exact location is 15, St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin. It opens at 9:30 in the morning and closes at 5 P. M. With a ticket of a very nominal price, you can avail such great knowledge about the fascinating history of the place through some ongoing exhibitions. You will witness a mini Dublin inside the museum.

The Little Museum of Dublin
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6. Grafton Street

One of the most colorful streets in Dublin, Grafton Street is much more than a market place. Along with shopping centers, flower sellers, you can watch natives busking in the streets. The live music and dance, artists performing various arts make the street alive with all the pomp and cheer. Visiting here you can experience the lighthearted, peppy world, free from human-made wars and nuclear weapons.

Grafton Street, Ireland
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7. Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

Formerly a prison, now a museum, run by an agency of the Ireland Government, Office of Public Works has witnessed many revolutionary occurrences. Located at Inchicore Road, Kilmainham, the museum bears the traces of Ireland’s tragic past. The despicable incident of the execution of the leaders of the 1916 Uprising after they were condemned of mutiny had been performed here. Being a place that prisoned the guilties for many years, it had become a symbol of brutality and severity. Coming here and knowing the sufferings of the prisoners will be an awakening of your senses and your soul.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin
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The splendid natural beauties along with the intriguing history of the above-mentioned spots of Ireland caste an incessant sparkle in the eye of every tourist. Just taking a walk right into the neighborhood, a simple interaction with the amiable natives, will make your tour more memorable.

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