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Top 7 Music Festivals in Europe 2019

Music festivals in Europe
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People usually need a break from work and need their mind to rest either by celebrating with friends or just simply by hanging out around. Festivals give an opportunity for those who love their lives to the core. And which country is better than Europe when it comes to amazing festivals. Here are a few fantastic festivals to make you travel and fill you with full enthusiasm that will further enhance your excitement for life.

1 La Tomatina

It is the most sincerely messy festivals. Tons of over Ripe tomatoes leave their remark on the walls of Europe as tomatoes being smashed on each other. It is the craziest and one of the biggest European food festival taking place each year people not only from Europe but all around the world join in to celebrate this festival. It is basically a food war involving tomatoes as a weapon. It takes place in the town of Bunol, Spain and only 20,000 lucky people win a chance to participate in this most popular festival. Taking place this year on 28 August.

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2. Tomorrowland

It is famous for its name. People are crazy for this festival. DJs from all around the world making people dance in the air. Biggest electronic show on the planet. Festival lineup: The Chain-Smokers, Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Martin Garix, and many more. People choose their favorite electronic sound and tap their feet. Taking place on 19-21 July 2019 and 26-28 July 2019 in Boom, Belgium

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3. San Fermin

It is the traditional festival of Europe. That take place each year remarks by the running of bulls. It is also the largest festival in the city of Pamplona, Spain. Millions of people participate in this grand festival for several activities like the San Fermin Procession, Struendo, and the closing Somber ceremony of Probe De Mi. It is taking place this year on 6 July -14 July.

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4. Sziget

It is the most stunning festival taking place in Budapest Hungary. This is the festival for which unlimited crowd is mad over it. No matter how much amount of tickets are available its always short for the large crowd wants to attend this festival. This festival is taking place on 7-14 August. Festival lineup for this year is Ed Shreen, Foo Fighters, Florence+ The Machines, Twenty-One Pilots, and many more.

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5. Edinburgh Festival Fringe

It is the most important European festival open to all the cultural activities millions of people participate in this festival, it happens in 300 different Scottish places in Europe. Covers many activities from different genres. It can stretch over a period of 25 days. Most of the activities include theatre, dance, cabaret, music, and exhibitions which are not judged soo anyone can participate in them. The comedy show has the highest value because of the Edinburgh comedy awards that are given to the best shows. It is the largest festival of Europe during August 2019. taking place dated as 3-27 August.

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6. Ultra Europe

Spread across the Atlantic from Miami fabulous center, ultra Europe spread like a fire. And a huge successor to the ultra music festival. The best of the DJ’S in the world host together Croatia’s Adriatic coast to its feet. The festival lineup is Swedish House Mafia and many more to be announced. It is taking place dated as 12-14 July 2019 Split, Croatia.

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7. Creamfields

This festival of Europe is the largest among mesmerizing dance festivals on the globe. Creamfields will force you to tap your feet in excitement. It is always full of worldwide stars. There is a bulk of electronic music of all flavors. Festival lineup for this year is Deadmua5, Swedish House Mafia, CirezD, and Adam Beyer, Martin Garix, Calvin Harris, Carl Cox, and Tiesto. This festival taking place dated as 22-25 August 2019 Daresbury, UK.

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Get all set to have an electrifying experience with all these festivals that will lead you to a roller coaster of your adrenaline and will surely make you worth of flying to these places. To have a lifetime memory, all these European festivals will enlighten your soul and let you lead a super life ahead with its memory. Plan & book your tickets now and thank us later.

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