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Here’s All You Need To Know About Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta is a place famous for its resorts. It is situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in the state of Jalisco. Beaches, water amusements and nightlife picture in Vallarta makes Vallarta an appealing destination for many travelers throughout every year. It is one of the best spots in the country to enjoy music, food, and art. Draped in lush green mountains; this city stands tall in the center of the great Pacific Ocean with amazing and heartwarming tones and colors of the Ocean. The warm welcoming by the residents over there will make you feel like home in no time. A beautiful church located at the heart of the town known as  Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church brings in a lot of visitors as it has numerous activities going on throughout the year.

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Tourist Facilities

Tourists or travelers when arriving at Puerto Vallarta get to see a beautiful image of this overwhelming place. You will see yourself being served by tequila shots. Vallarta is an extremely safe place to travel along with your partner, family or friends. Vallarta Airport has a lot of eateries just outside the airport: there is Subway, Sbarro, and Carls right outside. There is Tacon De Marlin just across the bridge when you reach the airport. It is a small airport but is clean and the Marriot resort is also very close to the airport.

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Transportations can be pre-booked or you can also book once you reach the airport. You can find all kinds of transportations available most of the time. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or partner you will find the transport of your need right outside the exit of the airport.

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How to be more cost-effective

Enjoyment is definitely important, but managing your vacations financially would help you to save up for your future trips and tours as well and who doesn’t want that? You can save up a fortune by planning your trip in the month of April-June when the weather is also pleasant and room rates are pocket-friendly.

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Booking your activities would help you save a fortune. Hotels tend to increase their rates as the time gets nearer, so book early and travel cheaply.

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Try not to spend a lot of money in the hotels, because the place itself has a lot to offer and you would hardly be spending time in the hotels. You can try staying at AIRBNB hotels and explore the town more.

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Avoiding expensive restaurants is definitely not going to be a big headache, as Puerto Vallarta offers extremely good street food. You can even find homemade Mexican food which is extremely delicious and comes at a very cheap price.

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Go on short hikes, you will find short route hikes everywhere in Puerto Vallarta. Ask around and travel exploring this strange and mystical town.

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You can take the bus and travel all around Puerto Vallarta. The bus ride is definitely way more cheap than riding in Taxis or Ubers. You can travel to places like Sayulita, Punta De Mita and many more.

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