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Visit Phuket On A Budget

Starting the day with an alluring sunrise view from the window of your room and ending it with a romantic walk on the shimmering sand beaches of Phuket, it is a place that should not be missed. Phuket is a rainforested island in the Andaman Sea having many beautiful places and beaches to explore. Many tourists come to explore this place and are convinced to pay a visit again. Phuket is considered to be on the top of the list of a perfect vacation when it comes to mesmerizing views, convenient accommodation, crazy night bars, trendy shopping markets, mouth-watering dishes, especially Thai and much more.

Visiting any destination involves a lot many parameters to be focused on. One of the major aspects that comes up before planning a vacation is the budget. No experience, explore and enjoy as much as you can and at affordable prices is a trip everyone plans. To make things easier and give you the potential to save time and pack more for this crazy getaway, we have something for you. Check out these 7 tips that prove visiting Phuket on a budget is way easier now.

1. ATM's In Phuket

Carrying a lot of cash is not safe anywhere. Phuket is a city that has ATM's everywhere and is pretty much safe. One thing you should make sure is in Thailand, the cash comes first and then the card is ejected. Make sure you don't forget to grab your card after 4 beers.

Picture Courtesy: sbr.com.sg

2. Street Food

Phuket is a city known for its delectable dishes on the streets that make people feel finger licking good. If you are looking for good food, hit on the local streets to have some mouth-watering food for a perfect mood. Here you get to save a lot on your pocket too.

Picture Courtesy:The Travel Intern

3. Shop at Supercheap

As the name suggests, Supercheap is the store for everything or anything you need when in Phuket. It is a store that has everything and at the super cheap prices comparatively. The store is more like a warehouse that has every product at rock-bottom prices, giving you a chance to shop more at less price.

Picture Courtesy: thai-dreaming.com

4. Rent A Motorbike

If you know how to ride a motorbike and you are with your gang, this trip can come out to really affordable to you. Explore the city fully enjoying every part of it on a motorbike with your travel partner. Rent a motorbike and get to save a lot on your transportation. Though there are buses that are cheaper than the cab or shuttles, a ride on a motorbike is something even more exciting.

Picture Courtesy: queenbeetours.com

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5. Party in Phuket Town

Phuket is popular for its rousing nightlife. Patong being one prominent place for the crazy parties, is also expensive at the same time. The locals in Phuket prefer going to the Phuket Town for cool bars & clubs and similar parties that have the share the same level of madness yet at pocket-savvy prices.

Picture Courtesy:Paradise Beach Phuket

6. Plan a Vacation In Low Season

There is no fun when you have thousands of people around you. Overcrowded places at the carnival season tend to raise up the price as well. Planning a vacation in the low season gives you the potential to save up on the dollar as the prices of hotels and other activities are comparatively low.

Picture Courtesy: freon.org

7. Be Aware and Plan Things in Advance

Every time you visit a new destination, you should always be a little more careful. Check your bills, ask for bargains and ignore the tour guides to save much more. Also, planning things in advance like booking your stay comes out to be cheaper. Look out for the hotels, compare them and then decide where to stay.

Picture Courtesy: xuanxuanbloggies.com
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