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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Sydney

One of the most popular cities in the world, Sydney is the state capital of the New South Wales and is considered to be one of the most populous cities to be present in Australia as well as Oceania. The location of the city is mainly on the eastern coast of the country, and it is so located that it surrounds the whole of the largest natural harbor in the world.

There are mountains surrounding the city on three sides, and it provides a great scenic beauty for the tourists as well as provides the opportunity of hiking for the interested mountain climbers.

Picture Courtesy: CNN.com

Tourist Facilities

When tourists arrive in the town, there can be a lot of facilities that can be availed. There are direct routes which have regular vehicles that can carry the tourists to their respective destinations. Additionally, the airport is very well maintained and the area nearby has all facilities for staying and eating as well. Since the number of tourists arriving is increasing every year, this has resulted in the making of excellent staying and food facilities all over the place. So, tourists are expected to have very fewer problems regarding anything.

Picture Courtesy: Tourist-visa


There are basically all types of transportation facilities that are available all over the city. From the airport to the respective hotels, there are buses and taxi services available that can be arranged in any part of the day. There are direct car rental facilities which are available for those who want to drive themselves or want to explore the city on their own. With a higher amount of money being paid, super luxurious cars like Limousines are also available. Additionally, there are boat and ship facilities for those who want to travel by the water to get additional sightseeing as well.

Picture Courtesy: The University of Sydney

Things Not To Be Missed

Sydney Opera House

It is a multi-venue performing arts center that is located in the Sydney harbor, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It was opened as back as in 1973 and ever since then, it has been an integral part that modifies the beauty of the city.

Picture Courtesy: The Monthly

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This bridge is one of the heritage-listed steel that spreads across the city in the form of an arch and connects the city from one side to another. It is quite well made and can carry rail, vehicles, normal private cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. The view it provides in the city is considered as one of the most iconic images of Sydney ever.

Picture Courtesy: wpblink.com

Bondi Beach

This beach is one of the most popular places in the whole of Sydney. Situated in New South Wales, Australia, it is situated approximately 7 km in the east of the Sydney central business district, and falls under the area of the Waverley Council under the government. It is a greatly visited tourist spot.

Picture Courtesy: Jrrny

Sydney Tower

This is the tallest structure that stands in the whole of Australia and is the second most tall observation tower that is situated in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. There are various other names of the Sydney Tower as well, some of them being Tower Eye, Flower Tower or Centre point.

Picture Courtesy: Klook

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

It is one of the heritage-listed botanical gardens that is present in Sydney. Currently, it is being used as a recreation center and as an event venue hosting place. This is also a must watch for the tourists coming to Sydney.

Picture Courtesy: Lanka voyage.com

How To Maintain A Budget When In Sydney

Choose the airport shuttles

One can always choose the public transportation systems that are available from the airport itself instead of spending too much money in luxurious and unnecessary car rentals.

Picture Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org

Choose to stay Cheap

A lot of people spend quite a handsome fortune for the place they are staying at. Surely the comfort is required while staying but there is absolutely no need for 5 star hotels which charge ridiculously.

Picture Courtesy: Accor Hotels

Look out for smart street food

Similarly, there is absolutely no need to eat and dine in high-class restaurants. One can easily get the same variety of foods at a considerably cheap rate at many other places.

Picture Courtesy: mix106.com.au
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