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10 Secrets to Avoid Extra Airline Baggage Fees

Extra Airline baggage fees have always been one major issue with most of the passengers. Many airlines still rely on such baggage fees and charges for their profitability. There is no sense and fun when you have to pay extra for improper packing or sheer bad luck that is also called extra baggage. If you are a frequent traveler and still have no other option but to pay extra for the airline baggage fees, you really need to pull up your socks.

Dig into the blog to check out these 7 secrets to avoid extra airline baggage fees and have a hassle-free journey.

1. Choose your Airline carefully

baggage allowance

Different airlines have different code of conduct and policies. Compare the airlines well before in advance and check their baggage allowance and rules. For instance, Emirates allows up to 30 kgs baggage while the other airlines restrict up to 23 kgs only. Make sure to check and choose your airlines carefully.

2. Pack properly

airline baggage rules
Picture Courtesy: Indie Traveller

What to pack is as essential as what not to pack. Be careful and make sure to pack only the important things that you will be needing and also all the items are well packed in a proper manner.

3. Use the right bags

checked baggage

If you hate to pay extra airline baggage fees, you have to be smart enough. Organizing your essentials in inappropriate baggage won't make any difference. Choose the right bags and make sure they are lightweight themselves.

4. Pack only what you need

airline luggage

Just to avoid extra baggage fees, it is very much important not to pack everything or anything. Pack what you need and try not to pack any item that is there just for the sake of it. This really affects your baggage and gives you the potential to save on your airline luggage.

5. Know how to manipulate when the baggage is slightly extra

travel tips
Picture Courtesy: The Spokesman-Review

If you are an avid traveler, you should be tactful enough and know how to manipulate and deal with the officer in a very gentle and polite way only when your luggage is slightly extra. Remember, slightly extra.

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6. Buy an electronic hanging scale

Picture Courtesy: Amazon.com

To avoid the extra airline baggage fees or an embarrassing situation at the airport, it is preferred to check the weight of your luggage well in advance. This will help you pack accordingly and will be very time-consuming. Buy an electronic hanging scale to weigh your luggage and know what is to be unpacked if it exceeds the weight limit.

7. Share the baggage space

Picture Courtesy: Coach Hire Plus

It is suggested and very much obvious as well, that if you are traveling with a partner and have a luggage that can be shared, you don't even need to give it a second thought. Just share the bags and things till the time you reach your destination so that you don't have to pay extra.

8. Buy lightweight luggage

Picture Courtesy: Rakuten

Many times, the baggage weight comes to be more even when essentials are not that heavy. This happens because the bag itself is a heavy one. Buy lightweight bags and see how easy things become.

9. Put the heavy stuff in your carry on

Airline Baggage Fees tips
Picture Courtesy: SmarterTravel

If you have something important and is heavy just put it in your carry on. This would allow you to play smart and avoid the extra airline baggage fees. Carry on bags can be really useful if utilized properly and smartly.

10. Get a credit card

Airline Baggage Fees tips
Picture Courtesy: PaySimple

Credit cards used for airline booking, travel, etc are very much effective and allows you to get great deals and discounts. Have a check and stay updated on your credit card schemes & offers on travel, flights, baggage allowance & fees and hit it on as soon as you get the best deal of all time.

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