We are celebrating World Environment Day This one's for you mama nature!

All flights bookings that we will make today will be 100% carbon neutral.
As a part of our commitment towards united nations sustainable development goals we are trying our absolute best to become a carbon negative business. We took this pledge on Earth day 2018 and today we are reminding ourselves this pledge again. Please ask for a carbon offset certificate if you make a booking with flightsbank today.

We at Flightsbank have pledged on Worlds environment day to become a carbon negative business in next six months. By booking a cheap flight deal with Flightsbank you will also be helping build a sustainable future.

Climate Change

It is real and it is happening now! The large number of natural calamities are a proof of that. All of us will have to contribute if we want to build a sustainable future for our future generations. It is very important for the survival of our species that we act together and learn to live in harmony with our environment.

Air Travel

Flying does not have a low carbon substitute and the only way to reduce or diminish the impact of air travel is by planting more trees. We as a part of this industry have pledged to invest in community projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By booking with us you diminish the impact of greenhouse gases emitted by a flight in taking you from your origin to destination.

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